Family law covers more than just divorce. While many people do use family lawyers for the dissolution of their marriage, a family law attorney could help with a wide variety of other legal issues.

A Tarrant County family lawyer could help individuals with issues ranging from adoption to alimony to modifying a preexisting child support agreement. If you need help with a family law matter, schedule an appointment today.

Family Law Attorneys Help Solve Many Problems

The area of family law is broad and covers almost all types of issues that may arise between people who are married, divorced, or share children. If a particular legal matter is related to either a marriage or a child, a Tarrant County family attorney may be able to assist with the case.


Many people speak with a family lawyer for the first time when they are contemplating divorce. In Texas, separating couples can choose to file for a no-fault divorce or pick one of the six fault-based grounds for divorce, such as adultery. Additionally, divorcing couples can agree to participate in a collaborative divorce, which allows parties and their attorneys to negotiate their dissolution of marriage without judicial intervention.

Child Custody

Parents who are unmarried or divorcing may need to create a plan for the custody of their children. In Tarrant County, parents may receive a managing conservatorship or a possessory conservatorship over their children. Managing conservatorship gives a parent the right to control most of the child’s daily activities, including their education, health care, religion, and extracurricular activities. Possessory conservatorship allows parents to have timesharing and visitation with their children.

Child Support

Texas follows relatively straightforward child support guidelines. In general, a parent can expect to spend a certain percentage of their net monthly resources on their children’s support. A family lawyer in Tarrant County may be able to adjust these percentages based on each parent’s financial circumstances.

Marital Contracts

Married and engaged people are encouraged to create marital contracts such as prenuptial or postnuptial agreements. These contracts can determine how property and other financial assets are distributed during a divorce and may give one spouse the right to alimony.

Other Family Law Issues

A Tarrant County family lawyer could handle a wide variety of other cases and issues. In addition to the matters listed above, they may also able to assist with things like adoptions, restraining orders and injunctions, or modifications to existing family law agreements.

Family Law Attorneys Provide Help and Advice

Issues involving children and romantic relationships can be emotional and taxing for all parties. By hiring a family lawyer, individuals can relieve some of their stress. For example, family law attorneys could communicate and negotiate with the opposing side on their clients’ behalf.

Family lawyers could also help individuals plan for their future. They may draft marital contracts that provide for alimony or spousal support, or they could provide advice on how to distribute property in a divorce to minimize tax concerns or increase the amount of a marital settlement.

An attorney could also review complicated laws and state guidelines to ensure that parenting agreements, divorce settlements, marital contracts, and other legal documents follow the law. Without a valid legal agreement, a court may impose its own judgment on the parties.

Contact a Tarrant County Family Attorney Today

If you are facing a legal problem that affects your family, it is important to seek experienced help. Without assistance, you may miss deadlines, complete documents incorrectly, and could even lose valuable rights.

No matter what your family law problem, a consultation with a Tarrant County family lawyer could guide you on your best course of action. Call today and have your case reviewed by an experienced family law attorney.

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