We are very fortunate to have formed excellent partnerships with many of our clients. And we’ve formed more than just working relationships with them; we have formed true friendships. Here’s what they’re saying about us.

Endorsed by Josh Lee, DUI and DWI Attorney

Deandra is one tough lady. She knows Texas law, she understands the science, and she has the ability to get it all across to the people that matter - a jury. I have no problem recommending Deandra to my friends and family in Texas. Her reputation extends beyond the state lines of Texas. Cant go wrong here folks.

Stephen is a damn great lawyer!

I was arrested back in 2012 for a felony DWI 3rd or more with a child under 15 in the car. Boy was I scared. Stephen backed me up the whole time. He worked for me 100%. He told me to always be honest with him and I was - he was able to get my charges reduced to a misdemeanor so I don’t have a felony on my record. To rate him on a scale of 1-5 isn’t enough - I would give him 100 out of 5!!!! I appreciate everything he did for me I would tell anyone he’s a damn great lawyer and to go see him!!!

Endorsed by Patrick Barone, DUI and DWI Attorney

If Deandra takes your case it will be for one reason; so that she can apply all of her knowledge and skill toward obtaining for you the best possible result. As your lawyer she will fight hard on your behalf to make sure that you are treated fairly. Deandra is well-known and respected throughout the state of Texas, and is also known nationally as a talented DUI defense lawyer. This reputation has been earned through hard work and dedication to her clients and to her profession, and as her client this reputation will be a great benefit to you. I enthusiastically endorse her work.

Incredible service!

I want to take the time to thank you for your incredible service. I was provided with exceptional service the entire time by you and your staff and wanted to show my appreciation and gratitude. As you know, I was charged with DWI. I am a college student who wanted to pursue a career in medicine. You understood that a conviction would have serious consequences to my career and family and you put all your effort into making sure I was not convicted. I know the positive outcome of my case was a direct result of your hard work and dedication. You kept my goals attainable, and for that I can’t thank you enough! Once again, thank you for taking the time to understand my situation and for caring about my case. I do not anticipate needing your assistance again but if someone close to me ever does, I will recommend you with the utmost confidence.

Endorsed by Jim Medley, DUI and DWI Attorney

Deandra has been part of an inspiring response to police blood draws in the state of Texas. She has fearlessly stood against the practices of forced blood draws and as a learned expert in the science of how blood testing should be conducted. Top notch.

Mary is a competent, thorough attorney

Mary Moretti represented me when I was arrested in Levelland Texas by a very poor representative of the Levelland Police Department. She is a very caring competent and thorough attorney and person. Even though I live 350 miles from where she practices she was always so helpful it was just as if she was right here in my hometown. I would recommend her to anyone in any case she would care to defend someone. In fact, I would choose her over any other attorney in that area and even her office. I was very fortunate that Mary represented me. I would like to say that even though my case has been dropped on several occasions when I’ve contacted her she has been a very thorough and helpful and I would not sleep well if it had not been for her. My very best wishes to Mary Moretti and I thank her for representing me extremely well. No wonder why she has an excellent rating. I would give her more than five stars if I could.

Endorsed by Joshua Zientek, DUI and DWI Attorney

I endorse this lawyer. Deandra regularly speaks at seminars and is very respected in the legal community. She fights for her clients, works hard, and cares about DWI/DUI defense. She is not afraid to go to trial, knows the law, knows the science, and perhaps most importantly can convey her message to a jury. Call her and see if she can help with your case.

Excellent Attorney!

I had a lengthy DWI case which lasted almost two years, James was always in communication with me to let me know what was going on during this process. He definitely knows the laws and reviewed my file constantly and any tapes the DA had presented for my case very thoroughly. Case was eventually dismissed before the trial started and I know James worked hard on my case for the entire period. Great, professional and respectable attorney and I always felt like I was in good hands with him. Would DEFINITELY recommend him!

Endorsed by Bobby Mims, Federal crime Attorney

I endorse Ms. Grant as one of the best DWI lawyers in Texas. She is an expert in blood analysis and the defense of blood cases in Texas courts. She has written and presented a continuing education seminars in Texas for other criminal defense lawyers. She is very active in the National College of DUI Defenders and is a valuable member of the Board of Directors of the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association. Ms. Grant provide the best representation possible on her cases and if I were in trouble I would hire her as my lawyer.

Excellent attorney!!!!!

Mr. Huff represented me with professionalism and honesty...... while doing so he was easily able to create reasonable doubt..... this was not my first time in court but He was definitely the most talented attorney I have seen...... I would use him again and encourage anyone, especially if u have a complicated case, to use Mr. Huff....

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