There are few things scarier than finding yourself the subject of a criminal investigation. If you have recently been arrested or accused of committing a crime in Texas, chances are good you feel anxious, concerned, and even scared about what the future has in store.

When allegations threaten a person’s livelihood, those accused of breaking the law have advocates. A Lubbock criminal lawyer can provide time-tested criminal defense strategies and see you through the stressful days that lie ahead.

Call a trusted attorney today to set up a confidential consultation and ensure that your rights are respected. No matter how complicated the case might seem, you can rest easy knowing that a skillful legal team has your back.

Types of Criminal Offenses

But just because a person has been accused of a crime does not mean they are guilty. A Lubbock criminal lawyer can help defend those facing all types of allegations including:

  • Assault: Crimes classified as assault and battery in other states are known simply as assault in the state of Texas. An attorney can help those arrested on charges of assault make sense of the often confusing circumstances surrounding such allegations
  • Sexual offenses: Penalties for those convicted of sex crimes are steep. Consequences of such a conviction can impact all areas of a person’s life, from their career to their living arrangements
  • Domestic violence: Family violence arrests are made when a person assaults their current or former partner or family member
  • Possession of illegal drugs: The most frequently charged offenses in Texas are drug possession, distribution, and conspiracy
  • Guns and weapons charges: Illegal possession of a gun, armed robbery, and violations of conceal and carry laws can all end with an arrest that threaten the Second Amendment rights of the accused

Searching for Clues

Police are human, and humans make mistakes. When a person’s personal freedom and reputation are on the line, these mistakes can threaten life as they know it. A Lubbock criminal attorney can search for ways that police erred in an individual’s case.

Virtually every case has aspects that can be used in favor of the accused. By partnering with a Lubbock criminal lawyer, an attorney can search for those specific details favoring the accused and hone in on them, working hard to tear down any case the state may make against an individual.

Contacting a Lubbock Criminal Lawyer

They say everything is bigger in Texas, and that holds true for the state’s criminal justice system. Texas has some of the strictest penalties for breaking the law anywhere in the country. In a country that leads the world in both the number of people in prison and the percentage of citizens behind bars, those statistics can sound daunting.

If you are facing any kind of criminal charges, a knowledgeable Lubbock criminal lawyer can protect your rights and defend you tirelessly. Experienced criminal lawyers understand the ways in which prosecutors think and, therefore, can often anticipate how a prosecutor may handle a case. That knowledge allows for diligent and comprehensive preparation of a potential client’s defense strategy. Call today to set up a confidential consultation with a Lubbock criminal attorney.

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