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Certain crimes in Lubbock apply to “registrants” and “dispensers” of controlled substances. Most people charged with commercial crimes are doctors or pharmacists.

A “registrant” is a person who is registered with the Texas Department of Public Safety to manufacture, distribute, prescribe, possess, analyze, or dispense a controlled substance. A “dispenser” is a licensed health care professional, clinic, pharmacist, or pharmacy that dispenses controlled substances.

Common Commercial Drug Crimes

It is a crime for a registrant or dispenser to knowingly:

  • Distribute, administer, or dispense a controlled substance without a medical purpose;
  • Prescribe a controlled substance without using an official prescription form;
  • Dispense a controlled substance that has not been lawfully prescribed;
  • Manufacture a controlled substance that a registrant is not authorized to manufacture;
  • Dispense a controlled substance that a dispenser is not authorized to dispense;
  • Refuse or fail to make or keep required records required by statute;
  • Print, deliver, or possess prescription forms without authorization;
  • Refusing to permit an authorized inspection of the premises;
  • Failing or refusing to maintain security as required by law.

The crimes described above are state jail felonies, punishable by a sentence of not less than 180 days or more than two years.

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