Fraud is a type of white-collar crime involving deceit or misrepresentation that results in losses to another person or entity. These offenses do not typically involve violence. Instead, they are usually purely financial transactions designed to personally benefit the individuals who perpetrate the fraud. If you face charges, you may wish to consult a Dallas federal fraud lawyer for legal help.

There are a wide variety of fraud offenses under federal law, and a conviction can have harsh consequences. A qualified criminal defense attorney may be able to investigate the facts surrounding your case, evaluate your options for resolution, and work with you to achieve a positive outcome.

Common Examples of Federal Fraud Offenses

In recent years, the federal government has devoted significant resources to combating white-collar crimes, including fraud offenses. There are many different types of fraud, but the federal government typically focuses on some more than others. A conviction for any of these offenses can carry harsh penalties, so getting the advice of a federal fraud lawyer in Dallas may be highly beneficial.

Healthcare Fraud

Some statistics indicate that Medicaid and Medicare suffer billions of dollars per year in losses due to fraud. To combat this problem, the U.S. government usually focuses its attention on doctors, healthcare providers, and hospitals. Penalties may include fines, incarceration, revocation of medical licenses, and an inability to file claims with federal benefits programs in the future.

One common example of healthcare fraud is upcoding, or billing Medicaid or Medicare for more expensive services than the patient received. Another example involves submitting claims for services that patients did not receive or for patients who do not exist. Falsified or fraudulent claims are often a large part of any federal healthcare fraud charges.

Mortgage Fraud

Federal efforts to prosecute mortgage fraud often focus on illegal loan modification or refinancing schemes, foreclosure rescue schemes, and property flipping. Other types of mortgage fraud include equity skimming, improperly inflating property values, and kickbacks between mortgage brokers, real estate agents, lenders, and appraisers.

Potential Penalties Upon Conviction

The loss amount is a significant determining factor in fraud sentencing. This refers to the reasonably foreseeable financial loss arising from the fraudulent actions at issue. Notably, the loss amount is distinct from the actual monetary loss, which may be lower.

Other factors can also impact sentencing for a federal fraud offense, including the number of victims of the scheme, the sophistication of the means used to commit the offense, and whether the accused was in some position of trust relative to the alleged victims. A federal fraud attorney in Dallas may be able to answer questions about the potential penalties and likely outcomes of a particular case.

Call a Dallas Federal Fraud Attorney for Legal Advice

Federal fraud charges are among the most severe charges that individuals and businesses may face. A conviction can have significant repercussions, including a permanent criminal record, exclusion from federal programs, loss of licenses, thousands in fines and restitution, and incarceration in federal prison.

Seeking legal advice from the outset of any federal fraud investigation may be the best way to protect your rights. With help from a Dallas federal fraud lawyer, you could raise a defense against the accusations you face and work towards a favorable resolution of your case.

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