Will I Lose My Job?

Stephen H.: Hi. I’m Stephen Hamilton, board certified criminal defense attorney from Lubbock, Texas, practicing in Lubbock and surrounding South Plains area, and today’s video deals with the commercial truck driver’s license and DWI. Many of my clients who get arrested for a DWI and have a CDL, they’re really risking their job, because it’s serious business. If you get arrested for a DWI and you’ve been driving CDL or a commercial vehicle, or if you’re driving your pickup, which you’re not on the clock, you went out with your buddies, you had a couple of beers, then at that point in time, if you refuse to give a breath test or you blow over the legal limit, your license will be suspended for a year. That’s why it’s absolutely critical, if that happens to you, that you come in and that we request the driver’s license hearing.

Stephen H.: It doesn’t even matter in Texas if you get convicted for the DWI. I’m just talking on the civil side, the administrative side. If an officer arrests you for DWI and asks you to give a sample of blood or breath and you do not do it, then the Department of Public Safety is going to try to suspend your driver’s license for one year. If it’s a second, then it’ll be a lifetime disqualification under the CDL rules. That’s why I tell people every day, if you have a CDL, pick up the phone, call me, come in and see me. We have to request a hearing on your driver’s license to try to save your CDL.

Stephen H.: Call me at my office, (806) 794-0394. Call my staff. They’ll set you up immediately to come in. It’s critical that we talk before the 15 days is up after your arrest so we can request that hearing. If you have a CDL and we request a hearing, then you get to keep driving until the time we have the hearing, and there are issues with employers, so we need to talk about that. So call me at the office. My name is Stephen Hamilton. Thanks, and have a great day.

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