What Happens After a Person is Arrested for DWI?

Speaker 1: Hello, I’m Stephen Hamilton, a Board Certified Criminal Defense Attorney in Lubbock, Texas. My practice is primarily DWI and alcohol-related offenses. Today’s video clip is what happens after I’ve been arrested for a DWI. In Texas, there are two things that actually happen. Two types of cases every time a person’s been arrested. First is the criminal case, the driving while intoxicated case itself, that’s handled by the District Attorney’s office or a County Attorney, and it deals with the prosecution of the DWI case. But there’s also a civil case that we call an ALR or Administrative License Revocation hearing. And that’s basically the hearing that the Department of Public Safety in Texas is doing to try to suspend your right to drive your vehicle.

Speaker 1: Once you’ve been arrested, it is absolutely critical that as soon as you’re arrested, you call me. We only have 15 days from the day you were arrested to request this hearing for your driver’s license. This is our opportunity to find out information early on in the case, and it’s our opportunity to try to save your driver’s license. So when you’re arrested, there are really two things that happened. One is the criminal case, the other is the driver’s license case, and they’re both important to you. I understand that. This is what I do for a living. Pick up the phone. Call me. My number is (806) 794-0394 we’re here to help and answer any questions you have. Thank you.

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