What Can I Do With a DWI?

DWI can happen to anyone. There’s no profile for an offender—anyone and everyone who drinks and gets behind the wheel risks an arrest.

Just because you’re arrested for DWI does NOT mean you are guilty. In fact, drinking and driving isn’t illegal, as long as:

1. You’re age 21 or older;

2. You’re not on probation; and

3. Your blood/breath alcohol level is below 0.08.

So, you went out and had a few drinks with your buddies, didn’t feel intoxicated, got behind the wheel, and ended up in the drunk tank. It happens.

What do most people do? They panic. They don’t think. They just want to get out. So they plead guilty. Big mistake.

When you plead guilty, you’ve now got a DWI on your record. Forever!

This means they’ll suspend your license and you’ll get hit with surcharges, probation, and drug and alcohol classes.

If you get pulled over for DWI when you have already been convicted of a DWI in the past, it gets worse. It gets worse fast.

Wait! There’s hope!

Just because a breath or blood test indicates you were over the legal limit does NOT mean you were. And just because an officer claims you were intoxicated does NOT mean you actually were intoxicated.

There are a number of different ways to defend against DWI charges.

Maybe your stop was illegal, and maybe the officer made false threats and promises in order to coerce your breath sample.

Were you intoxicated? Or did you merely stumble on the walk-and-turn test because you were nervous, or the road was cracked, or you stepped on a loose stone?

Whatever you do, don’t plead guilty to DWI. We can help you to protect yourself and your future.