What are the Punishments for DWI in Texas?

Stephen H.: Hello, my name is Stephen Hamilton. I’m board certified in criminal law and I practice in Lubbock, Texas and the surrounding areas. Today’s video clip deals with the punishment, if you’re convicted of a DWI. Oftentimes people ask me, “Okay, what’s the punishment? What’s the court going to do to me if I’m convicted of a DWI?” And that’s a real broad question because there are a lot of variables. It depends. It depends if it’s a first offense DWI and you’ve never been in trouble before. It depends if it’s a second offense DWI. It depends if you have a child in the car under the age of 15. Or if it’s what we call a felony DWI, that means you’ve had two or more prior DWI convictions. It depends if there was an accident or if somebody was hurt.

Stephen H.: It also depends what your history is. There’s a difference, oftentimes, between a person who has never been in trouble and a person who has had some issues with the law. So when I get the question, “What’s the punishment going to be,” I can tell you the range of punishment for a first offense or a second offense, but really what’s important is, what’s going on in your case? What’s going on in your punishment hearing? What are the factors that you need to be concerned about knowing your history? It depends if you go into alcohol treatment or other areas.

Stephen H.: So what I would suggest is give me a call, call me at the office, 794-0394, 806 is the area code. Talk with me specifically about your case and let’s work on the issues that really concern you, and I can answer those questions. That’s it for today’s DWI punishment video clip. Go out and have a great rest of the day.

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