Texas Tech DWI or DUIM

Texas Criminal lawyer Stephen Hamilton discusses how Texas Tech students are affected with a DWI or DUIM.

DWI (driving while intoxicated) and DUIM (driving under the influence when you’re a minor) are both serious charges. DWI is measured by either a blood or breath alcohol content of at least 0.08, or if you’re deemed to have lost control of your normal mental and physical faculties.

DUIM is not determined by a particular level of alcohol content in your breath or blood. If you’ve had so much as a sip of alcohol and you’re under 21, you’re subject to a criminal charge, and all the penalties that come with it.

One of these charges can stand in the way of you and any subsequent education, including law or medical school, and prevent you from ever obtaining the very type of professional licenses and certifications you need to succeed or even practice in your desired career.

Many employers won’t hire you with a DWI on your record, especially if you’re still on probation. It is logical for an employer to assume that if you’ve been irresponsible once, you’ve probably done so many times before, and will likely do so again.

DWI and DUIM are notoriously difficult convictions to live with. DWI defendants who are found guilty face license suspension, heavy fines and court fees, years of administrative surcharges, probation, community service, and mandatory drug and alcohol classes. It takes years to bounce back from a DWI or DUIM conviction, and once you have one on your record, a subsequent one is decidedly more painful—it could even result in your having a felony record.

As a condition of probation, those convicted of DWI are often forced to have an ignition interlock device installed in their vehicle, and anyone convicted of DUIM is required to have this device installed.

This device requires you to take a Breathalyzer test in order to start your vehicle, then blow into it again thirty seconds later to verify it was actually you who started the vehicle and not someone else. Installation and maintenance fees are the responsibility of the offender, and the data from these devices is downloaded once a month and sent to both your probation officer and the judge.

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