Texas Tech Code of Conduct Timeline

The Texas Tech office of Code of Conduct requests that complaints regarding an incident be made within ten days of the date of the incident, but there is no firm timeline on how long a complainant can wait to file a complaint.

Once a complaint is made, the process is initiated and is typically completed in roughly 60 days. Once a decision has been reached about your case, you will be notified of the decision and any sanctions imposed within 5 business days.

If you are found responsible of a code infraction, you have 5 business days to submit a written letter to appeal the decision.

When drug, theft, and sexual assault charges, as well as any other illegal activity, are reported to police, schools are required to list them in their publicly accessible school statistics, which reflects poorly on the school. Accordingly, many schools prefer to deal with these kinds of code of conduct violations internally. That said, you should never rely on Texas Tech to avoid reporting criminal conduct to law enforcement.

If campus security smells pot in your hallway, searches your room, and finds paraphernalia, and you get that Student Code of Conduct Process email, there’s no guarantee it will
end there.

If someone makes a stalking complaint against you to the Office of Student Conduct, there’s no guarantee that complaint won’t find its way to the police and criminal court. Don’t incriminate yourself. If anyone insists you talk privately to the student conduct officer, and tell your side of the story at a hearing, promising this will clear up the situation, don’t
do it!

Always talk to an experienced attorney first. Only you and your lawyer truly have your best interests at heart.

The Office of Student Conduct legally oversees on-campus behaviors that potentially impact the university community. But what if you’re arrested off campus? What if you get
charged with DWI in another city or even another state? What if you’re on spring break and get pulled over, the police find a joint in your car, and you get hit with a possession
charge? Texas Tech isn’t going to find out, right? Wrong.

If you are arrested off campus for any reason, and you’re a Texas Tech student, the Office of Student Conduct will most likely be informed and investigate you as well.

If you have been contacted by the Office of Student Conduct, download a copy of my book, What Every Texas Tech Student Should Know if they Get in Trouble With the law and call my office at 806 444 4444 so we can begin to help develop a defense specific to your case.