DWI Arrest in Texas, What to Do Next

Stephen Hamilton: Hello, my name is Stephen Hamilton and I’m a board certified criminal defense attorney practicing in Lubbock, Texas in the South Plain area. Today’s video topic is what to do after you’ve been arrested for a DWI. If you’ve been arrested in Lubbock or Hockley County, or one of the small counties, that’s often a question, the very first thing you want to know is, “Okay, what can I do to help my case?” I think there are a few things that you can do. One, call me. Come in and sit down, visit with me as soon as you can so that we can start talking about your case and start investigating the facts so that we can send the investigator out. We can request a driver’s license hearing. Second, let’s start putting together what I call a mitigation package. Right now the DA only knows a little bit about you. Knows that you’ve been arrested for a DWI, so we want to show the DA who you are, the good things you’ve done in your life, community involvement, church, hard work, those type of things.

Stephen Hamilton: Sometimes people who have been arrested for a DWI may actually have an alcohol problem. And so I think it’s important that if you think you do, come in, let’s talk about it. Maybe we want to get into counseling so that we can evaluate the situation. All of those things potentially can start to help your case. The biggest thing, don’t let it eat you alive. You’ve been arrested, you’ve been charged with the DWI at this point. Now, if you let it eat you alive, you’re going to stay up night, you’re going to worry about it and it’s going to affect everything of your life. I know it’s easy for me to say don’t let it affect you, but find a lawyer, a good lawyer. Come in, visit with me. Sit down. Let’s go through the facts of your case so you can stop worrying about it and start answering the questions, “What can I do to help my DWI case?” My name is Stephen Hamilton. Call me at the office. (806) 794-0394. Thanks for the video today and have a great day.

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