Can My Case Be Reduced, and What Can It Be Reduced To?

Stephen H.: Hello, my name is Stephen Hamilton and I’m a board certified criminal defense attorney practicing in Lubbock, Texas and the South Plains. Today’s video clip is if I’ve been charged with a DWI, what are some options that are available so that I don’t end up with a DWI on my record?

Stephen H.: That’s ultimately, I think, the goal in every DWI case, every person who gets arrested for DWI is really asking that question: What can be done in my case? What are the options out there? Well, there are a lot of options that potentially could be available. Every case is different.

Stephen H.: Sometimes a case from a DWI is reduced to a reckless driving case or an obstruction of a highway. Sometimes it’s reduced to what we call a DUIM or driving under the influence of a minor, if the person who was arrested was under 21. Sometimes you may be able to do what’s called a pretrial diversion, which is basically an agreement with the DA that if you take certain classes and do certain things, at the end of a period of time the case would be dismissed.

Stephen H.: Other options that are available in the case, trying the case, having a jury trial, having a jury or a judge find you not guilty or litigating certain legal issues. In other words, maybe there was a bad reason that the police officer stopped you. He says you were speeding, you were doing 65 in a 60, but we go out to the scene, we take pictures, we videotape it, and you know what? The speed limit really is 65. That would mean that his stop if you was not proper, and so maybe the case could be suppressed.

Stephen H.: Nobody really knows what’s going to be the result of your case until we actually get all the information, the police reports, the video, the interviews, all the information that we need, and do a thorough, thorough interview of everything.

Stephen H.: If you’d like to come in and visit with me so we can sit down and start that process, look at what’s available in your particular case, give me a call. My office number is (806) 794-0394. My name is Stephen Hamilton. Have a great day.

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