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Family is often at the center of people’s lives, and divorce can be one of the most complicated and emotionally challenging life changes to experience. A knowledgeable Texas divorce lawyer could offer much-needed assistance to anyone undergoing the challenges of divorce. If you are going through divorce, a skilled family attorney could help you throughout the process, work to ensure your rights are protected, and help you reach the best possible outcome for your needs.

Who Can Get Divorced in Texas?

Texas is a no-fault divorce state, which means anyone in the state may file for divorce without alleging fault on the part of the other spouse. This means that it is no longer necessary for a divorcing spouse to prove misconduct on behalf of their spouse in court to have a divorce granted. However, Texas judges may take fault and marital misconduct into account when deciding on the division of assets, child custody and visitation plans, and other issues relating to divorce.

Contested Versus Uncontested Divorce

Divorces in Texas can be either contested or uncontested. An uncontested divorce is a divorce in which both parties agree on all counts. In a contested divorce, there is serious disagreement on at least one issue regarding the terms of the divorce. This disagreement can be on asset division, child custody, visitation rights, alimony payment, or any other facet of a divorce. In the event of a contested divorce, there are options.

For many contested divorces, the parties often come to an agreement after mediation and negotiation takes place. A Texas divorce attorney could work hard to help a divorcing individual negotiate a reasonable and acceptable agreement.

The Length and Cost of the Divorce Process

Divorce can be costly. According to research done by Martindale-Nolo Research in 2015, the average divorce process in Texas lasted just over a year and cost the involved parties more than $15,000.  If a marriage involves children, this tends to increase both the cost and length of the divorce proceedings. Child custody and support issues may require additional procedures such as psychological evaluations, court-ordered studies, and financial questions to be factored into divorce proceedings.

A divorce is most costly and time-intensive if it goes to trial, because an attorney will have to spend additional hours preparing for the courtroom negotiations. One party may also use delay tactics to get the other person to agree to a less-than-ideal settlement. Hiring a skilled attorney could help someone avoid going to court and navigate the divorce process efficiently. This may lead to quicker and less costly divorces.

Speak with a Texas Divorce Attorney Today

If you are currently going through a divorce, a Texas divorce lawyer could assist with the process in several ways. Divorces, especially those that are contested, can be difficult experiences to endure. They can involve numerous obstacles that may not be apparent to the divorcing parties when starting the process.

For this reason, it may be important to consult with a Texas divorce lawyer to ensure your best interests are considered and represented during your divorce. Call today to schedule a consultation and learn how we could help you.