When you are charged with DWI, it is crucial to the outcome of the case whether or not the police stopped you in a legal manner. If it is determined from testimony and other evidence in the case that the stop was not conducted legally, any evidence that was gathered during or after the illegal stop is inadmissible and can be suppressed by filing a motion prior to trial. At Hamilton Grant PC, we are extremely focused on protecting the rights of our clients, and we are infuriated when a case is based on the fruits of an illegal stop.

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For 20 years, our firm has been defending the rights of others and we have a deep understanding about DWI law, how to successfully challenge the evidence, and what it takes to win at trial. In addition to trying cases and helping her clients avoid conviction, she is a nationally-known speaker and teacher to other lawyers on subjects such as trial skills, jury selection, cross examination, field sobriety tests and forensic breath and blood alcohol testing. The value of being represented by our incredibly learned and accomplished lawyers cannot be overstated.

We will personally meet with you and review whatever evidence is available, listen to your side of the story without sitting in judgment of you, and determine the most effective course of action to defend you and your legal rights. Facing a DWI charge without the masterful representation of a firm like ours is the worst mistake you could make in your case. We will always be available to receive your call and set up a convenient time for you to meet with one of our qualified DWI attorneys in Texas. Contact us now.

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