The crime of hit and run, or leaving the scene of an accident, involves the act of causing an accident with a vehicle and leaving the scene without identifying yourself or stopping to render aid to any injured victim. Consequences can include jail time, losing your license and having your policy cancelled by your insurance company. Some common defenses which may overcome a charge of hit and run could include:

  • A lack of knowledge that there was an impact or an injury
  • An emergency situation in which the impact occurred while attempting to avoid another accident or emergency
  • Involuntary intoxication defense where a driver was given the wrong medication and became intoxicated, impairing their ability to make decisions.

Criminal Defense Lawyer for Hit and Run in Texas

Hamilton Grant PC has successfully defended many drivers accused of leaving the scene of an accident. Our staff and attorneys are extremely knowledgeable in all facets of DWI defense including cases involving charges of hit and run associated with DWI. In some cases, the driver just did not know that they caused an accident or made impact with another vehicle or fixture, or there is some other situation that could be effective in defending against the charge. The lack of knowledge is a powerful defense in a hit and run case, but a defense case must be based upon the totality of the circumstances and existing evidence. A judge or a jury could find that the defendant should have known based on the evidence presented, that there was an impact made, and therefore that the driver should have stopped to identify themselves. The critical point is the skill with which your defense is presented to the court.

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