DWI prosecutors rely on breath or blood test evidence to get a conviction, or convince a defendant to plead guilty. When a BAC (blood alcohol concentration) test is performed, whether it is a breath test or a blood test, the prosecution will present evidence of alcohol reported to be in the accused’s bloodstream to prove that the defendant was driving a vehicle with a BAC over the legal limit. It is important for a criminal defense attorney defending a client in a DWI case to fully understand the science behind alcohol absorption and elimination rates in order to competently defend a client. Talk to our AV® Preeminent Rated lawyer before you do anything else. The quality of your defense lawyer could not be more important in a DWI case.

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At Hamilton Grant PC, we are highly trained and experienced in DWI defense and are extremely knowledgeable about the blood and breath alcohol testing systems used by law enforcement to prosecute DWI offenses in Collin County.

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