At Hamilton Grant PC, we always focus on the needs of our clients, and vigilantly protecting their legal rights when charged with any crime in Texas. If you have been charged with possession with the intent to distribute any illegal or prescription drug, you may be facing extremely tough penalties, depending upon the amount and type of drugs it is alleged that you possessed.

Protecting the Rights of Defendants Facing Possession With Intent Charges in Texas

If you are believed to be a drug seller, you are viewed as the most important target for law enforcement officials in the war on drugs. Choose an attorney who is skilled and experienced in the defense of drug crimes and is as dedicated or more than the State in ensuring justice and the protection of your legal rights. Our attorneys are passionate when it comes to protecting the liberties and constitutional rights of our clients, and many times, the state will overstep their boundaries in their zealous pursuit of those who sell drugs in the state of Texas.

Contact our offices today and arrange a convenient, confidential appointment for a free initial consultation with one of our highly competent criminal defense attorneys in Collin County. One of our attorneys will personally meet with you and review the facts of your case, hear your side of the story without sitting in judgment, and advise you of your options and the likely outcome of each possible course of action.