Have you or a loved one been charged with the distribution of marijuana? If convicted, you could be facing many years in state prison as well as thousands of dollars in fines, as well as life as a convicted felon. Call Hamilton Grant PC today for assistance. Our Texas marijuana attorney is a former prosecutor, and is highly respected by the legal community for our dedication and passion when it comes to protecting the legal rights and liberties of our clients. Our experience has given us an invaluable insight which allows us to effectively zero in on the flaws of the state’s case against you. Faulty search warrants, improper chain of custody of evidence, and non-credible witness testimony are all very common reasons why many cases have been dismissed. Just because you have been charged does not mean you will automatically be found guilty.

Experience counts in drug crime cases.

We have experience representing defendants in both state and federal courts. Our practice focuses on the legal representation of clients who have been accused of criminal conduct. We are zealous advocates who protect our clients’ rights with the same fervor and intensity as the prosecution will be seeking a conviction.

Contact us today and arrange a free evaluation of your case. Choose your lawyer wisely. Find out for yourself why our attorneys are the perfect choice to represent you or your loved one when charged with marijuana distribution or any other criminal offense in Collin County.