The offense of marijuana cultivation in Texas can carry significant jail time, fines and court fees. Depending on the quantity of marijuana that is discovered and admitted as evidence, if you have been charged with the cultivation of marijuana, you could be facing years in prison and thousands of dollars in fines. If you have been charged with marijuana cultivation, please call Hamilton Grant PC. We are former prosecutors who are now defending the accused with equal vigor and dedication. As prosecutors, we have seen the questionable conduct of the police single-handedly dissolve many of the drug crime cases we had been trying on behalf of the state. We know the problems facing the effective prosecution of a Texas criminal drug charge and can easily see the pitfalls of the state’s case.

Landlords can be charged with marijuana cultivation in Texas.

As such, we believe that if you have been charged with marijuana cultivation or any related crime, we can help you. We will personally meet with you and review all of the related evidence and information that is available and answer any questions you might have. As a land owner, or landlord of a building, you could also be charged with marijuana cultivation even if you did not have any knowledge of the growing operation that was taking place on your property.

Please let us help you to defend yourself against these charges. We have years of experience and skill in developing a successful case strategy that can have your case dismissed at the pre-trial phase, or if need be, go to trial and oppose the state with an insight that only former prosecutors have. Our phones are always ready to receive your call, day or night, to schedule an appointment for you at our offices.