The state of Texas does not treat the possession or sale of heroin lightly. Even for possessing less than 1 gram of heroin, you will face a period of incarceration. The penalties imposed upon a convicted person can be as high as life in prison and a $100,000 fine. Sale of heroin allows the court to impose life in prison and a $250,000 fine in some cases. Any sale of heroin in a drug free zone of within proximity to a school or other area in which children are present will allow for enhanced penalties to be imposed. If you are charged with any crime involving heroin, get professional defense counsel from Hamilton Grant PC.

Experience and professional knowledge is a critical factor in defending against possession or trafficking charges involving heroin. Entrust in a Texas drug crime lawyer from Hamilton Grant PC today so our legal professionals can review the evidence that led to your arrest. You could be the victim of a rights violation, or there may be options to allow you to avoid prison time, but we need to get involved in your case at once.

Explore all of your legal options with an attorney.

There are various legal options that could be beneficial to you, including negotiating a lesser charge, or seeking treatment rather than being forced to serve time behind bars. Our firm has gained a reputation for our excellent defense work, and we are well-connected and exceptionally skilled in assisting defendants in drug crime cases.

Contact us and speak with our Texas heroin lawyer to initiate the defense actions that could help you avoid the terrible consequences of a conviction.