Situations involving allegations of domestic violence can be incredibly stressful for all involved. Entire families are often divided and emotions understandably run high. Unfortunately, these situations also lend themselves to a variety of false and wrongful accusations. Perhaps an angry spouse or significant other has decided they no longer want to punish the other individual involved. He or she can simply file a restraining order against that person. If these are the circumstances you have found yourself in, with a restraining order filed against you, a skilled Collin County criminal lawyer at Hamilton Grant PC can help. Our firm’s leading attorney has more than two decades of experience and understands how to navigate complex legal situations. Our firm is dedicated to providing the criminal defense representation you need. Let us protect your rights by fighting on your behalf.

How Restraining Orders Work in Texas

If a spouse or cohabitant has suffered bodily harm or the imminent threat of such harm, he or she can file a temporary restraining order against the other individual involved. The alleged aggressor must vacate the premises immediately. Restraining orders can prevent the accused abuser from calling or otherwise contacting the victim, from buying a gun, from living in the same home as the victim, and from coming within 100 yards of the victim, the victim’s home, or the victim’s place of work. Individuals who violate a restraining order can be automatically arrested and face fines and jail time as a result of a misdemeanor or felony charge.

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