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Family Violence in Texas

Our state classifies domestic violence as “family violence cases, which means the violence can occur between different members of the family, not only just spouses. People involved in this violent action must be any of the following in order for the charge to be domestic violence:

  • Current or former spouses
  • Dating couples
  • Roommates or housemates
  • Couples who share a child in common

The various actions that could be considered domestic violence include the following, among many others:

  1. Causing fear of imminent bodily injury
  2. Sexual abuse or exploitation
  3. Emotional abuse
  4. Neglect, such as depriving spouses, children, or other family members food, a safe shelter, or proper clothing
  5. Economic abuse, such as taking control of a family member’s bank accounts or investments
  6. Causing bodily injury to another: hitting, slapping, choking kicking, or using a weapon as a form of physical abuse
  7. Causing physical contact that could be considered as offensive or provocative

Unlike Texas assault laws, a police officer does not have to witness the domestic violence in order to make an immediate arrest. This means that you could be arrested and charged with the crime of domestic violence based on the word of an angry spouse or out of an act of retaliation. There are many cases in which fraudulent activity results in criminal charges for an innocent person.