We are very fortunate to have formed excellent partnerships with many of our clients. And we’ve formed more than just working relationships with them; we have formed true friendships. Here’s what they’re saying about us.

Endorsed by Michael Mowla, Criminal defense Attorney

Deandra Grant is one of the premier defense attorneys in Texas, especially in the area of DWI defense. Her knowledge of DWI law and the science that entails the subject matter is exemplary. Further, she works very hard in perfecting her knowledge of the subject matter, as she is a published lawyer and she teaches other lawyers the practice of DWI defense. I highly recommend Ms. Grant for any criminal law matter in Texas, including but not limited to DWI defense.

Great firm…highly recommend!

We worked with Shane Byrd and he also consulted with Stephen Hamilton. They handled a DWI case. I would highly recommend this firm. They went the extra mile to help us and they were able to work out a positive outcome. Shane listened to our needs and was an excellent communicator. He pushed to get what we hoped for and kept us informed along the way. This firm knows and understands the laws and the procedures needed to handle our case. I appreciate their professionalism, but also their caring attitude.

Endorsed by Christopher Leroi, Mediation Attorney

I endorse and would recommend Mr. Hamilton to everyone and anyone. I have been practicing for 24 years. I was the youngest judge in Colorado history, a magistrate, a prosecutor in three districts, a law professor, and have worked in private practice for years. I still learn from his Avvo answers each and every day. He is a huge credit to the legal system. Hire him.

Overwhelmed and Overjoyed

Mr. Huff was my court appointed lawyer and soon as you hear those words you’re like oh lord because I have seen people get screwed by their attorney for lack of know how but he was excellent...We exhausted all my options, he was very attentive and if I missed a deadline he worked with me. He was friendly professional and assertive.

Endorsed by Clark Birdsall, Criminal defense Attorney

I worked with Deandra both as a prosecutor and as a defense attorney. She has established herself as one of the leaders in intoxication related offenses. As both an author and a frequent guest lecturer, she is leading the charge against an uncaring government. But her abilities span all areas of defense. Anyone in need of a defense attorney will get the finest representation from Deandra!

Excellent Attorney

Deandra was actually second chair in my recent DUI case in Dallas and was offering her support to my lead Attorney. To be candid, at first, I did not know what to expect since she was quiet for the first part of the trial. However, when her turn came and the focus shifted to the blood work, I was amazed. She was extremely knowledgeable of the subject matter often time more so than the Chemist who was on the stand. Through very deliberate and intelligent questioning and scene setting, she was able to paint a picture that made the entire courtroom, specifically the jury, question may things. As mentioned, while she was not the lead in this particular case, I would highly recommend her in any situation to fight for your case. She is smart, tough, concise and thorough......

Endorsed by Michael Wysocki, Divorce and separation Attorney

Mr. Hamilton is a proven winner. This trait is often under estimated in our society, but absolutely necessary in the courtroom. If you want to win the big one, are you going with a cut rate attorney or the best? When it counts, you better retain Stephen Hamilton

When your life is on the line, place it in trustworthy hands!

I hired Stephen and his law firm to defend me in an Unlawful Carry of a firearm charge, but since it was in the parking lot of a facility that sold alcohol, it became a Felony 3rd degree. This is something that carries a large sentence (2 to 10 years) and I did not trust my Life, family or career to any lawyer. I spoke to and had several consults throughout Lubbock, but I kept coming back to Stephen, I felt his team was there to take care of me in my time of great need. When I retained his team they immediately got to work, and with the help of Shane Byrd checking on various codes and ordinances at the specific location of the incident and Amber Beard constantly keeping me up to date even answering the basic questions, I felt as comfortable as you can be in this situation. With the entire team behind me and their swift action we were able to work with the district attorney’s office and get the charge rejected before the charge was actually filed. I was told by others that this process could take 90 days up to a year to get resolved. My case was completely resolved in 5 weeks. This is a huge accomplishment, to get your life back and know you are free. The most precious thing we all have is time, and they saved me almost a year of it! Stephen is not the cheapest, but you truly get what you pay for. I even got my firearm back.

Endorsed by John Gioffredi, DUI and DWI Attorney

There can’t be 10 lawyers in the country who know more about DWI than Deandra does. She knows the DWI business inside and out. I think that she’s certified in every field having anything to do with the subject. She’s outgoing, funny, and easy to deal with. She consistently outworks the prosecutors and most other defense lawyers. Among the very best of the best.

Great Attorney, Excellent Service

I had an assault charge and Tommy Hull got my case dismissed without me ever having to go to court. The process was smooth, the staff is very friendly and helpful. They took care of all the paperwork and made any files on my case extremely easy to access through an online profile the law firm created for me. I would definitely recommend them!

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