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The Family Code lists specific circumstances that must be present in order for a child support modification to be warranted. One situation is that it has to have been at least three or more years since the prior order was established or last modified and the monthly amount of child support differs by either 20 percent or $100 from the amount that would be awarded according to the child support guidelines. Another circumstance in which a modification would be warranted would that a substantial change in circumstances has occurred since the child support order was last set. If you have questions about modifying child support, contact a seasoned child support attorney. A skilled lawyer could answer your concerns and assist you with modifying child support in Plainview.

Re-Calculating Child Support Payments

A change of income for one of the parties can certainly warrant the modification of child support payments. For instance, if the party who is making the payments starts making more money, the other party may then feel the need for a re-calculation of payments. For child support payments to be re-calculated, one has to determine the obligator’s net income, subtract any deductions that they would be entitled to, and then apply that number to the statutory child support guidelines. Calculating child support payments is a fact-intensive inquiry, therefore, an individual should consult with a knowledgeable family law attorney.

Defining Material Change of Circumstances

As defined by Plainview law, a material change of circumstance is if the obligor’s income has either increased or decreased, the obligor has become legally responsible for additional children, the children’s medical and dental insurance coverage has changed, or the children’s living arrangements have changed. When any of these situations are applicable, the individual should reach out to a lawyer who is experienced with modifying child support in Plainview. The attorney will be able to evaluate the material change and determine what changes need to be made in the child support payments if any.

Information Required to Modify Child Support

The information required in order for modifying child support payments in Plainview include the child’s name and the date of birth for both the child and the parties. Typically, the parties will be asked for everyone’s social security number. Other information that will be required when modifying child support is the living arrangements of the child, the obligor’s income, any deductions they may be entitled to, any additional children that they have, and any changes in the medical or dental coverage.

A Plainview Child Support Attorney Could Help

Modifying child support in Plainview can quickly become complex and overwhelming for individuals who do not handle it often. This is why there is a major benefit to hiring a dedicated child support lawyer who is prepared to handle these types of situations. They are familiar with computing net income, applying the statutory guidelines, knowing what deductions people are entitled to, knowing when deviations are warranted, and they also understand how to navigate the judicial system. When you hire a lawyer, you can return to focusing on your children and your family.

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