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At some point in their life, even the best driver will receive a traffic citation. While traffic violations are typically not the end of the world, they can be expensive and time-consuming. If you have been ticketed for a traffic-related offense, you should speak with an experienced criminal attorney to begin planning your defense.

After hiring an Odessa traffic lawyer to contest the ticket and try to negotiate for a better outcome, an individual must decide between paying the ticket or proceeding to court. If the potential client decides to pay the full ticket amount, they risk increased insurance premiums and points on their license. However, the risk of going to court is not much less.

Types of Traffic Tickets

The fines can be steep for a speeding ticket, but a traffic lawyer can argue for a lower fine. As a moving violation, a speeding ticket comes with up to two points on a license, but a lawyer will try for zero. As another moving violation, reckless driving comes with points and high fines. An Odessa traffic lawyer will fight for reduced penalties.

Whether an individual was uninsured or does not have proof of insurance in the vehicle when they were ticketed, an Odessa traffic lawyer will help. Even if an individual was not driving while under the influence, they may have been ticketed if vehicle contained an open alcohol container.

Consequences of Traffic Violations

The overall cost of a traffic ticket in Texas can be quite expensive. Passing a stopped school bus can come with more than $1,000 in fines. Odessa traffic lawyers will negotiate with the court to lower the penalty. A speeding ticket can cost hundreds of dollars in fines, increase the cost of insurance, and cause missed time at work if an individual goes to court.

Auto insurers can check up on driving records, and they typically increase each driver’s insurance premiums accordingly. If an insurer decides that a driver is too risky, it can deny the driver a policy entirely. Every driver needs an auto insurance policy, so it is important to address this risk.

If an individual has more than six points on their driver’s license, they will be charged an annual surcharge on top of the ticket fines. If an individual accumulates enough points from multiple traffic offenses, they risk losing their driver’s license to suspension or revocation. Keeping points on an individual’s license to a minimum is very important.

Benefits of an Odessa Traffic Attorney

Traffic tickets are an annoyance and an expense. If you want the best chance at a reduced fine and fewer points on your license, it is important that you contact a traffic lawyer. The advantage of having a traffic lawyer appear on your behalf is that your lawyer will know the traffic court process. There is a good chance your lawyer will have negotiated with the same prosecutor and appeared before the same judge numerous times.

Instead of taking a day off of work to spend your time in a courthouse, an Odessa traffic lawyer can do the dirty work for you. If you would like more information about how we can aggressively represent you in traffic court, contact us today.