Speed Traps in Lubbock  

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A speed trap is an area of roadway that is being closely monitored by several law enforcement officers. The officers identify vehicles that are violating the speed limit, stop them, and issue traffic tickets. Speed traps do not usually occur inside the city of Lubbock, but they may take place on the highways around Lubbock, especially US 84. Other common areas for speed traps are locations where the speed limit changes. Police officers may wait just after a speed limit sign and catch drivers that failed to slow down.

If you were given a traffic citation at a speed trap in or around Lubbock, you should consider your legal options. Many drivers choose to simply pay a fine and move on, but this could add points to a driver’s license and increase your insurance rates. For advice about the defense available in your case, reach out to an experienced traffic attorney.

Speed Traps Explained

A speed trap might be the result of police officers trying to protect their part of the highway. They want the reputation of being tough on speeding so that everybody in the area knows to slow down when driving through town.

Speed traps are legal. However, it is not legal to stop every car. A police officer cannot stop a person’s car unless they have reason to believe the driver is speeding or otherwise violating traffic laws. However, it is legal to check the speed of every vehicle via radar or LIDAR.

Going with the Flow of Traffic

In some cases, ticketed drivers may be able to raise a defense that they were simply driving with the flow of traffic. In Lubbock and throughout Texas, speeding is defining as traveling at a speed that is not prudent or cautious for the circumstances. The limit posted on signs is called a per se limit. If the posted speed is 75 mph on the highway, that means it is considered reasonable to travel 75 mph on that the highway under Texas law.

However, if there was not much traffic and the weather was clear, there might be a defense that going 76 or 77 was a reasonable or prudent speed. Likewise, if other vehicles around the ticketed driver were traveling over the posted speed limit, the defendant may be able to argue that it would have been unsafe to go any slower.

Discuss Your Ticket with an Experienced Lubbock Attorney

If you were pulled over at a Lubbock speed trap and given a ticket, you may feel angry or frustrated. Many otherwise safe drivers make occasional mistakes, but a traffic violation can increase your insurance rates for years to come. If the officer pulled you over just as the speed limit changed, you may feel that the citation was especially unfair. Fortunately, there may be strong defense available in your case.

Before paying your ticket, you should consider discussing your case with a qualified attorney. An experienced traffic lawyer could carefully scrutinize the evidence against you and exploit any weakness in the state’s case. Call today to schedule a consultation.