Speedometer Calibration in Lubbock Reckless Driving Cases

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Improper speedometer calibration can make a difference in the outcome of a Lubbock reckless driving case. If a driver was unaware they were speeding, an experienced criminal defense attorney may be able to use that information to their advantage.

The defenses available in a particular case vary, but a knowledgeable lawyer could analyze the facts and advise you of an appropriate strategy. Call today to discuss your reckless driving charges and your legal options with a qualified legal advocate.

How to Calibrate a Speedometer

Speedometer calibration is checking a speedometer to verify that it is working properly. A mechanic calibrates a speedometer by putting a vehicle on a dynamometer, an instrument for measuring mechanical power, and running the vehicle at different speeds. They compare the known speed of the dynamometer, which is the actual speed, to the speed showing on the vehicle’s speedometer. They then provide a notarized report of the test results to the owner of the vehicle.

Improper Calibration as a Mitigating Factor

A speedometer calibration may help someone charged with reckless driving by speed if they claim they thought they were driving at a safe speed based on their speedometer. In that case, a lawyer may request a calibration check of the speedometer to see if it functions properly.

When a vehicle’s speedometer is not working properly, that is not necessarily a defense against a reckless driving charge, but it could be a mitigating factor. The burden is on a driver to make sure their car and its technologies function properly. When someone’s speedometer is not working, that does not mean they cannot be held responsible for their driving. However, the courts may look more favorably on a driver with a dysfunctional speedometer than one who was knowingly speeding.

Driving Classes as a Mitigating Factor

Taking driving classes to avoid a conviction of a reckless driving charge might be a mitigating factor if a person does it on their own while their case is pending. Taking a class shows the prosecutor that the defendant is taking steps on their own to prevent this from being an issue in the future.

A driver safety course can be done online or in a classroom in Lubbock if the class is certified by the state of Texas. The cost can be as low as $25 and increases depending on the length and type of class. Defensive driving courses provide five hours of content. Instructor-led classes are about six hours long, including breaks. Online courses can be done in segments to fit into a person’s schedule.

Ask a Lubbock Reckless Driving Attorney About Speedometer Calibration

If you were charged with reckless driving, you should not risk handling your case alone. In addition to the heavy fines, a conviction could increase your insurance rates for years to come. To give yourself a better chance at a positive outcome in court, you should consider retaining a qualified attorney.

To discuss the defense strategies available in your reckless driving case, including improper speedometer calibration, reach out to a Lubbock attorney today.