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As defined by Lubbock law, reckless driving consists of driving with willful or wanton disregard for the safety of someone else. Reckless driving charges could be as simple as weaving in and out of traffic to as serious as going 90 miles per hour down a residential road. Recklessness is a serious traffic offense under the Traffic Transportation Code meaning someone with a criminal history can face jail time. In order to mitigate those charges, contact a distinguished traffic attorney who can help you prepare the best defense for you.

Difference From Speeding

The biggest difference between reckless driving charges and speeding tickets is that someone can get jail time for the reckless offense. They cannot get jail time for a ticket. Meaning, the only punishment they can be given is a fine. People get arrested for reckless driving charges. The individual will not be given a written citation and they will have to book out on that charge. They will be given a court date to return with a Lubbock reckless driving lawyer. It is a much tougher situation to manage than a speeding ticket.

Possible Consequences

Possible penalties for driving recklessly include up to 30 days of jail time or a fine of up to $200 with additional court costs. Court costs on a reckless driving charge can usually be somewhere around $200 as well. It is possible to get probation instead of jail time. Probation can be for as long as one year. Penalties can be a combination of the three, too, so they can get all jail time, no fine, no probation, all probation, no fine, no jail time, and so on.

Appearing in Court

The appear in person for their assigned court date for a reckless driving offense. However, there are exceptions to that. A Lubbock reckless driving lawyer might be able to appear for them depending on certain judges. Courts are run differently based on the judge.  County Court Law Number One might say that an attorney can appear for a person. However, that does not mean the Lubbock County Court judge at County Court Law Number Three runs their court the same way.

Treatment of Reckless Driving Cases

If the charged individual does not take a plea offer, the case would be set for trial. Lubbock reckless driving lawyers have seen the treatment of a case be dependent on the facts presented. A car accident associated with a reckless driving charge can aggravate the situation and increase the likelihood of harsher prosecution.

Role of an Attorney

That attorney can represent someone at any court date, advocate on their behalf to negotiate for the lowest plea deal possible and if it is not something that they want to take, then the attorney will defend the case at trial. A Lubbock reckless driving lawyer knows the nuances of the court system better than an out-of-town attorney. They know the specific prosecutors, they know the specific judges and they can try to work that system to their advantage as best as possible.