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A license suspension can be inconvenient for many reasons. People rely on their ability to drive in order to fulfill obligations, and in order to go about their day to day life. Living with a suspended license can make it difficult to complete simple tasks like getting to work, making doctor’s appointments, or going to the grocery store. A license suspension can go from a minor inconvenience to an outright obstacle, especially if you live in an area with bad public transportation. A Lubbock license suspensions lawyer understands that and can work with you to challenge your suspension. Get in touch with a qualified traffic lawyer who can advocate for you.

Common Causes of License Suspension

  • Accumulating a lot of tickets in a 12-month period
  • Getting a conviction for driving while a license is invalid for the second time
  • Driving while intoxicated
  • If a person owes a municipal court money
  • If an individual has a violation for a promise to appear, or they have skipped out on a ticket
  • skipped out on a ticket and the court is looking for that person, it could be another reason why the court issues a suspension for that person’s license

Charges and Penalties

If an individual had a suspended license and that person is driving on it, in certain situations it can automatically be a Class B misdemeanor. Yet if a person is driving and they have never had a license, normally, the first time, it is just a ticket. If they had a license that was suspended for a certain reason and then are driving again during the period of suspension, depending on the reason for the suspension, it can automatically be a Class B misdemeanor rather than a Class C. So the penalty can be enhanced, and that is not across the board. There are exceptions to that and also the effects of it. For instance, if that person never had a license and they got into a situation where the conviction for driving with an invalid license would normally suspend the license, there can be a waiting period before a person can try to get a valid license. Lubbock license suspensions lawyer

How to Challenge a License Suspension

Many individuals do not realize that they can challenge their suspension. A qualified Lubbock license suspensions lawyer can help their potential client ask for a hearing in front of the judge and try to argue to the judge that there was not enough evidence to prove they drove while intoxicated. If they convince the judge then the judge would deny the license suspension. Even if the license suspension were to go through there are ways to still drive but that person would have to ask a job to give them an occupational license.

Lubbock drivers can challenge their license suspension by asking for a hearing in front of the judge, but the individual must meet certain time deadlines. If that person does not meet the timing deadline there is a window in which the person must ask for the hearing. If that person misses that window, then the suspensions will automatically go through. Drivers can protect their driving privileges by looking out for those timing deadlines, paying attention to any notices from DTS that come in the mail and getting in contact with an attorney as soon as they get those notices.

Value of an Attorney

A Lubbock license suspensions lawyer can serve as an invaluable asset if you are trying to challenge your license suspension. Your attorney can collect the necessary evidence in order to build your case. If you have been pulled over for a traffic offense, and have had your license suspended, get in touch with a skilled traffic attorney who can protect your rights and fight for you.