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Driving without a license in Lubbock, can be defined as operating a motor vehicle despite knowing and understanding that your license is either revoked, in suspension or invalid for some reason. Driving without a license starts out as a Class C misdemeanor but it can go up to a Class B misdemeanor in certain circumstances. The consequences of driving without a license can be severe. If you have been charged with driving without a license, seek the legal advice of an experienced traffic lawyer that can devote the time and resources necessary to build your case.

Charges and Penalties

An individual charged with driving without a license in Lubbock can expect a ticket that could come with a fine of up to $500. They can expect surcharges that would go on their driver’s license of $250. Even if that person pays a fine to the court, that person could still owe DTS $250 in order to keep their driver’s license valid or get it validated again. Also, DTS can suspend a person’s driver’s license if they get a driving while license is an invalid conviction. There could be a further period of time in which an individual still cannot drive.

A Class C ticket is a fine of up to $500 but if an individual meets one of those certain circumstances where they can enhance a penalty to a Class B misdemeanor, then the penalty goes up to six months in the county jail and a $2,000 fine.

Long-Term Consequences of a Suspended License Conviction

An individual can have a criminal record that people will see if they receive a Class C misdemeanor conviction. It is probably going to not help that person when they are applying for jobs in the future. A lot of employers care if a person has been convicted of any jailable offense. If it is a Class C, usually they do not care about Class C traffic ticket, but a jailable offense is something they probably would look down upon and it makes that person a less desirable candidate. Also, that person can really dig themselves into a hole with these traffic tickets, fines, and surcharges, and license suspensions on top of license suspensions.

So, if an individual does not take care of it, or hire an attorney to help arrange an occupational license, or lift the license suspension, or get that person on a payment plan to lift the suspension with the court, that person could really just dig themselves into a deeper and deeper hole and get multiple suspensions on their license and make it even more difficult for when they get a valid license back.

Building a Defense

When building a driving without a license in Lubbock defense, there are a couple of things a lawyer can do. The attorney can see if any mistakes have been made, for example, the system could say that somebody’s license was invalid when actually it is not due to incorrect paperwork in the computer system. The other possible defense is that the defendant honestly did not know that their license was suspended and that nobody gave them notice. Another potential defense is that the individual was not actually driving the car, at the time of their arrest.

Importance of an Attorney

Driving without a license in Lubbock can have serious consequences, especially because this second offense can sometimes serve as an aggravating factor in your case. If you do want to have a hearing to fight a license suspension there is a very small window to make that happen. Often you have to request the hearing within the first 15 days after the arrest. An experienced attorney can help with the process. If you have been charged with driving with a suspended license, get in touch with a qualified attorney who can fight for you.