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Defending Lubbock traffic cases can be challenging because there are often no videos to contradict an officer’s allegations. Therefore, it is really hard to disprove what an officer is alleging. Potential clients should speak with experienced Lubbock traffic attorneys who understand the local legal systems and are familiar with the judges who are on the bench as well as the officers who work in the area.

Defining the Lubbock Point System

After getting a traffic ticket, the process for defending Lubbock traffic cases is often driven to avoid a conviction. There is a way to get a deferral period for a ticket so that if someone just does not get any other ticket in a three to six-month period, then the court would dismiss the ticket that the person currently has and that would avoid a conviction but if they get a conviction on a ticket, then that is when they get points on their record.

When points add up to a certain amount, then that can affect someone in a number of ways. If a person wanted to get a commercial driver’s license, but they have a lot of points on their record, they would be prevented from getting a CDL. An issue can occur with a worker who drives for their employer and their employer is covering their insurance on a vehicle, and those employers can demand that people have no points on their record or blow a certain amount of points. Some people will get in a car accident and be convicted of multiple tickets and then the points go up so high that they are fired from work.

Common Defense Strategies

An attorney looks at whether or not the cop’s interpretation of the law was correct because sometimes traffic laws change and the cop does not realize it. Other strategies are just figuring out the court system, what kind of judge is likely to give what kind of punishment and the odds of winning at trial as well as figuring out what police officers are still on the force. Attorneys can figure out if a police officer had to resign or move to Colorado, and if the officer gave the person ticket now is in Colorado, then they will not be back for a trial, probably. If they settle for trial, that is a strategy to getting a ticket dismissed without anybody having to pay anything.

Risk of Self-Representation

It can be difficult to navigate any kind of court system, especially on one’s own. Sometimes individuals are unaware of their legal options when defending Lubbock traffic cases. If someone does not hire an attorney, they may walk in there and just get some a plea offer and they will not know whether it is a good offer or not. If someone cannot afford the offer that is being made they might not know that there are other options that they can make a counter offer with. An attorney should be able to know that.

A typical offer on the first ticket for somebody who does not have a long criminal history would probably be a deferral but paying some kind of fine and court cost. For some individuals who are young and in school and paying student loan,s a $300 or $500 fine to them is going to be a lot more burdensome than somebody else but they might not know that they could actually ask just to do community service in exchange for having to pay any fines and still get the ticket dismissed.

Role of an Attorney

A criminal defense attorney can speak with a prosecutor about a potential client’s ticket. Defending Lubbock traffic cases often include trying to negotiate some kind of cheap and easy resolution that the individual would want to. If they are unable to reach a resolution that they want to take, then the defense attorney’s role would switch from negotiation to litigation, and they could go to trial on a traffic ticket and have the jury come in and hear the evidence.