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Volume dealer charges are common in Lubbock and the apprehension of people involved with this offense is a priority for Lubbock law enforcement. There were years where methamphetamines were prevalent because they were manufacturing the methamphetamines. As the laws changed to deal with that, where people had to get any medicine that had the amphetamines from behind the counter and actually signed out from the pharmacist.

The manufacturing of methamphetamines cases still exist, but not at the volume that they did 10 or 15 years ago. An experienced drug attorney can help you build your defense for any related charges you may be facing. A Lubbock volume dealers lawyer has the local experience to assess and strengthen your case.

Priority Drug Cases

Lubbock County has a high number of Fentanyl cases due to a manufacturing ring. There have been issues recently with heroin, high doses, high quality of heroin. Drugs are certainly prevalent in Lubbock County. It is also something that the law enforcement puts a high priority on. They do it from everything from search warrants, wiretaps, and they also do a lot of undercover work. There is a lot of narcotics work.

It is common to see people who have been arrested, maybe for a dealing or possession of an amount of substance, and the drug task force, both federal and state are working deals to try to get that person to tell other people so that they can get their case reduced, not filed, rejected, or dismissed. There is a task force that involves a state or federal money. There is a funding of police officers and task force and their whole job is to focus on the issues with drugs because they are receiving federal grant money.

Investigation of Volume Dealer Cases

There is a large focus on those from undercover efforts instead of it just being a coincidence. Local law enforcement uses reviews, a lot of surveillance, recording, and a lot of issues with the drug task force. Lubbock volume dealers lawyers see those as big issues when it comes to a dealer case.

Even if a person does not get into the federal court, bigger drug cases involve, oftentimes, large prison sentence offers for the district attorney’s office. Therefore an individual and their Lubbock volume dealers lawyer should have a process to be able to look at all of the evidence. This includes looking at the stop, the arrest, the reports, and any wiretaps to challenge the CI to make sure that the confidential informant is actually credible.

Importance of an Attorney

It is important to contact a Lubbock volume deals attorney because a person has got to know when they take on a case, number one, even though a person is getting tried in state court because that is where the case is originally from, if it is any amount of drugs other than the possession case, there is the possibility that it would be picked up federally, especially if there are guns involved.

A person needs somebody who knows how to handle not only state court, but also federal cases and the potential penalties. Federal criminal law is a completely different area of practice. It focuses a lot on federal sentencing guidelines in a completely different way, in other words, a person has a right to a jury trial for guilt or innocence, but going out to a jury to punish a person, the punishment is always done by the US district judge who decides a person’s case or a magistrate that has been assigned as the legal authority.

An individual just needs to be able to have a team to work on the case. A solo practitioner handling these types of cases has simply too much work in these cases that need to be done. Lubbock volume dealers lawyers have their own onboard investigator who does nothing else but investigates these cases. That is critical because the individual will need to find witnesses and security cameras, and everything else that is needed to help try to present the best case possible.