Receiving a ticket for a moving violation in Frisco may seem like a mere annoyance. After all, traffic offenses typically result in no more than the payment of a fine and some points on a driver’s license. Because of this, many people simply accept the officer’s findings and pay the ticket.

However, all drivers maintain the right to request a court hearing to contest the officer’s report. A successful hearing may result in a judge dismissing the offense, reducing the fine, or ordering participation in a driver’s safety course instead of more serious consequences.

A Frisco traffic lawyer could help you if you wish to contest a traffic ticket. An experienced attorney could inform you of your rights, appear in court on your behalf, and fight for a positive resolution to your case.

Common Examples of Moving Violations

Most moving violations are minor infractions that give drivers the option of requesting a hearing. Examples of these violations include:

  • Speeding
  • Running a red light
  • Failing to signal
  • Texting while driving

Drivers who wish to contest a ticket have 20 days to request a hearing by following the procedures listed on the ticket itself. The court then schedules a hearing where a driver can speak with a prosecutor and request a trial. A Frisco traffic attorney could help ticketed parties file their requests for court hearings and represent them in person to protect their rights.

Other moving violations are criminal matters. In general, traffic incidents become criminal offenses if they result in property damage or physical harm and the driver flees the scene. Officers in these cases have the authority to arrest a driver or order them to appear in court at a later date, at which point these cases follow the same procedures as other misdemeanor or felon- level offenses.

What to Expect in Traffic Court

Traffic court cases in Frisco and throughout the state generally resemble criminal cases. A defendant has the right to request a jury trial, but there is no right to a public defender. Therefore, a driver who wishes to work with an attorney must hire private representation.

During the trial, a prosecutor presents evidence to indicate guilt. Typically, this includes calling the officer who issued the ticket as a witness. In addition, a prosecutor may produce photos taken by traffic cameras or accident reconstruction information in allegations involving a collision.

Because this event is a trial, the defendant driver has the right to cross-examine all state witnesses. In addition, a driver may present their own evidence to create reasonable doubt in the minds of the jurors or judge. A traffic lawyer in Frisco could help prepare and present a comprehensive defense that addresses all these potential elements.

A Frisco Traffic Attorney Could Help Preserve Driving Privileges

The law assumes you are innocent until proven guilty, but many drivers facing traffic tickets simply accept the officer’s word at face value and do nothing to protect themselves. With many traffic tickets carrying heavy fines and potential license suspensions, it could be vital that you understand your rights and how to protect them.

A Frisco traffic lawyer could help you to fight your ticket in court. This includes taking the necessary steps to request a hearing, appearing in person to handle all preliminary matters, and formulating an argument designed to create reasonable doubt. Take a step to defend your right to drive and contact a skilled defense attorney today.