Theft offenses in Frisco and around the state come in many forms. Taking another’s property without their permission, obtaining property through deception, and even using items in a way that the giver did not intend are all considered theft.

While a conviction for minor theft offenses cannot result in jail time, it will create a criminal record that could have a powerful effect upon your employability and eligibility for certain government benefits. More serious versions of theft are felonies where a conviction carries a mandatory prison sentence. As a result, it is imperative that you fight back against any allegation of theft in Frisco.

If you face allegations of theft, consider reaching out to a qualified criminal defense attorney. A Frisco theft lawyer could explain the relevant laws, challenge the legality of any police work, and defend your rights in court.

Theft Offenses Under Texas Law

The laws in Frisco consolidate most theft offenses under a single statute. Texas Penal Code §31.03 states that a theft involves, “… [a person who] unlawfully appropriates property with intent to deprive the owner of property.” Therefore, a person may commit a theft offense by:

  • Shoplifting
  • Skipping out on a restaurant check or hotel bill
  • Stealing an item off another person’s porch
  • Placing a false advertisement for services and keeping the item

In addition, a theft does not need to involve a defendant keeping an item for their own use. A person may also face theft charges for reselling stolen goods, destroying another’s property, or even misappropriating funds. No matter the exact nature of the charges, a Frisco theft attorney could explain the laws as they apply.

Challenging a Prosecutor’s Case in Court

Theft cases can be very difficult for a prosecutor to pursue because police officers rarely witness the alleged crimes. Instead, cases often hinge upon unreliable third-party witnesses or unclear surveillance footage. A larceny attorney in Frisco could question the credibility of these witnesses and create reasonable doubt in the minds of juries.

Many other defenses begin long before the case gets to trial. For example, a defense attorney may be able to argue that police officers violated the defendant’s right to privacy. If a prosecutor’s case relies on a search without a warrant, a Frisco theft lawyer may be able to challenge the legality of that search in court. Similar methods may work in cases where police improperly execute search warrants or coerce an alleged confession.

A Frisco Theft Attorney is Dedicated to Helping Clients

While allegations of theft may appear to be simple, proving them in court can be surprisingly complex. Prosecutors must demonstrate that a defendant took the items, did not have permission to do so, and intended to deprive the owner of that item’s use. Defenses in these cases can rely upon a misidentification of the alleged thief, the questionable usefulness of security footage, or even whether the defendant had the intent to steal the property in question.

A Frisco theft lawyer could help you develop a defense strategy that meets your needs. Whether your goal is to come to a fair plea deal in the hopes of avoiding jail time or fighting the charges at trial, an attorney could provide a better chance at making that goal a reality. Contact a lawyer today to learn more.