Colleges and universities in the State of Texas demand that their students act in a responsible way, and the mere allegation of a criminal offense can trigger an internal investigation and jeopardize your educational future—to say nothing of the potential legal consequences for a criminal conviction. For this reason, preparing a powerful defense to criminal accusations may be even more important for students than for independent adults.

If you face criminal charges in college, a Frisco student defense lawyer may be able to help you. Depending on the circumstances, they could work to fight back against the criminal charges in a local courthouse and/or prepare you for a hearing with your school’s inquiry board. Let a skilled criminal attorney fight to protect your right to continue your education.

Schools and Conduct Codes

Colleges and universities in the Frisco area maintain codes of conduct that apply to members of their communities. In general, these codes demand that each student acts in a responsible and lawful manner. In addition, schools have policies through which they can investigate and punish alleged violations of their conduct rules and expectations.

It is important to remember that these boards operate independently of the criminal justice system. While a court must prove a defendant’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, schools can punish a student based on far less evidence.

In addition, many conduct boards operate under strict regulations concerning a student’s rights. For example, many require a student to provide a written statement or to testify in person. Some schools also prohibit students from appearing with attorneys during these hearings.

Still, a Frisco student defense attorney could assist with preparation for such situations that may be vital to a student’s future. These boards have the ultimate power to decide on such matter and can take such measures as forcing a student to move to different housing, revoking privileges to participate in campus activities, suspension, or even expulsion.

Protecting Your Freedom in Court

While the potential educational consequences of a criminal charge are certainly concerning, it is vital to keep in mind that an arrest at college may also result in a criminal case. A defendant’s status as a college student does not affect the course of their criminal prosecution, and the potential penalties for even a misdemeanor offense are stiff.

Common examples of charges college students face include:

Even misdemeanor convictions create criminal records that follow defendants for the rest of their lives and may result in jail sentences in the short term. A student defense lawyer in Frisco could work with any student accused of a crime to prepare and present a defense in criminal court.

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If you face allegations of criminal activity as a student, your education and freedom may be at risk. A Frisco student defense lawyer could serve as your defense attorney in the state’s criminal courts and work within the confines of your school’s disciplinary board to help defend your right to continue your education. Call today to begin fighting for a brighter future.