Some of the most serious criminal accusations that a person may face are those that involve illegal sexual conduct. While the most obvious and noteworthy example of a sex crime involves forced sexual intercourse, the Texas Penal Code encompasses a far greater collection of illegal acts.

In general, a sex crime is any action involving sexuality that is done with the purpose of corrupting another party. While this can involve allegations of sexual violence, offenses can also include actions taken with the intent of shocking another person and even some instances of mutual sexual conduct.

A Frisco sex crimes lawyer could help defend both your freedom and your reputation. The consequences of a conviction for even a relatively minor sex crime could result in a lengthy jail sentence and a permanent criminal record, so it may be critical to act immediately to retain a criminal attorney and give yourself the best chance of success.

Sex Crimes Involving Violence

The Texas Penal Code contains a long list of sexual offenses in Chapter 21. However, none of these examples specifically address the allegation of sexual assault. Commonly known as rape in other jurisdictions, Texas Penal Code §22.011 provides multiple examples of sexual assault. These include:

  • Penetrating the sexual organ of another person without their consent
  • Penetrating the mouth of another person with a sex organ without their consent
  • Participating in sexual penetration with a child, even if that child appears to consent

The idea of consent is central to many allegations involving sexual assault. The statute contains a list of means by which a defendant may attempt a sexual act without the consent of the other party, whether through the use of actual force or in cases where the alleged victim has a physical or mental disability. A Frisco sex crimes attorney could help clarify whether a particular action qualifies as sexual assault and how to approach any related criminal allegation.

Non-Violent Sex Offenses

Sex offenses listed in the Texas Penal Code stretch far beyond the violence of a sexual assault. For example, it is illegal to expose oneself in a reckless way that alarms another person. According to Tex. Pen. Code §21.08, this counts as indecent exposure and is a Class B misdemeanor.

It is also illegal to participate in consensual sexual acts in specific circumstances and places. Tex. Pen. Code §21.07 criminalizes as “public lewdness” any sex act with another adult that is done in public or even in private if that act would cause another person alarm.

Finally, a relatively new law prohibits the distribution of sexual materials without approval from the subject of those materials. According to Tex. Pen. Code §21.16, doing so is a state jail felony that carries a mandatory 180-day jail sentence. A sex offense lawyer in Frisco could help contest any type of sex crime accusation with the goal of protecting a defendant’s rights and best interests.

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Any accusation of a sex crime is a serious matter. Many of these accusations are mere misdemeanors that may not result in jail time upon conviction, but others are serious felonies that could result in a prison sentence and mandate that a convicted defendant register as a sex offender.

A Frisco sex crimes lawyer could stand by your side in court to help protect your freedom and preserve your dignity. Contact an attorney today to schedule a consultation and start working to defend your rights.