Since robbery may involve injury, threats of injury, or the use of a deadly weapon, it is typically one of the more serious accusations in Fort Worth. The resulting penalties could be extremely harsh. If you are accused of robbery, you may wish to seek the advice of a Fort Worth robbery lawyer before deciding how to proceed with your case.

A dedicated theft attorney could bring the knowledge and experience needed to develop the most effective strategy for defending yourself against criminal charges. Understanding all the available legal options and potential penalties may help you make the right decision for your situation.

Robbery in Fort Worth Defined

While theft is an essential element of any robbery charge, it is the aggravating factors that elevate a theft situation to robbery. Found in Texas Penal Code § 29.02, the criminal act of robbery occurs during the course of theft if an individual:

Simple robbery is typically pursued as a second-degree felony under Texas law. It may be raised to a first-degree felony charge if it is pursued as aggravated robbery. Aggravated robbery could occur in the process of committing a robbery if an individual causes serious physical injury to another, uses or presents a deadly weapon, or causes physical injury or threatens to cause injury to a vulnerable person.

While robbery and aggravated robbery are both serious charges, a Fort Worth robbery attorney may help mitigate penalties by seeking reduces charges since both charges arise from elevating factors. This could include producing evidence that no physical injury occurred or that a perceived threat would not incite fear in a reasonable person.

Consequences for Fort Worth Charges

The penalties associated with robbery and aggravated robbery may be extremely severe. Robbery is typically a second-degree felony that carries a potential prison sentence ranging between two and 20 years, and fines that do not exceed $10,000. A first-degree felony conviction for aggravated robbery could result in a life sentence.

Individuals who face a serious robbery charge may wish to consult a dedicated Fort Worth robbery lawyer relatively soon after charges have been made. An attorney may help investigate a charge, collect evidence, and work towards a favorable resolution of charges.

Work with a Fort Worth Robbery Attorney

Building a strong defense could be essential to preserving your family, your career, and your freedom. In many cases, an attorney may speak to eyewitnesses and investigate a circumstance to determine whether a situation would warrant elevation to robbery. Since robbery hinges on violence, it falls to the prosecution to prove that there is, at a minimum, a reasonable threat of injury.

While effectively fighting back against criminal robbery charges can be challenging, a strong robbery attorney in Fort Worth could assist with your case. An attorney may help you identify potential defenses and work to dispute your involvement with a charge. Before making any decisions regarding your defense strategy or how to proceed with a case, reach out to a Fort Worth robbery lawyer to schedule an initial consultation, discuss any charges you face, and learn more about your legal options.

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