Drug conspiracy cases can be quite complicated, and most people are unfamiliar with conspiracy laws. You might be surprised to learn that an individual can be charged with this controlled substance offense even if they did not participate in distribution or have drugs in their possession.

Drug conspiracy laws may be harder to understand than laws on other drug crimes, but the consequences can be just as severe. If you were charged with conspiracy, it is crucial to make informed decisions about your case. Contact a Fort Worth drug conspiracy lawyer for sound legal advice and help defending your rights.

The Crime of Conspiracy

Under Texas Code §15.02, conspiracy occurs when two or more people agree to engage in felonious conduct and at least one of them “performs an overt act in pursuance of the agreement.” This means a person may be convicted of conspiracy in Fort Worth even if they did nothing more than help plan a crime. The whole group can face conspiracy charges even if only one individual was supposed to commit the underlying offense according to the agreement.

Common Examples of Drug Conspiracy

In Fort Worth, any felony drug offenses involving a group could result in conspiracy charges. Common examples of crimes associated with controlled substance conspiracy include:

  • Drug distribution
  • Drug manufacturing
  • Transport of chemicals with intent to manufacture drugs

Criminal conspiracy may be charged whether or not the underlying offense was committed. A professional drug conspiracy attorney in Fort Worth could explain the applicable legal concepts and provide guidance to individuals facing these charges.

Defending Conspiracy Cases

Because conspiracy is a complicated area of the law, these cases can be tricky to defend. Sometimes, an individual charged with a drug conspiracy crime may not fully understand the reason for the charges. In these cases, an attorney may be able to argue that the defendant did not make any agreement or was not even aware of the criminal activity.

Prosecutors may offer one member of the accused group immunity or a lenient plea bargain if they testify against the others. Additionally, a person may be charged with other crimes, like selling or manufacturing controlled substances, along with the drug conspiracy. A Fort Worth controlled substances conspiracy attorney could negotiate with prosecutors and fight to make sure the defendant receives fair treatment.

Potential Penalties for Criminal Conspiracy

Under Texas Code §15.02(d), conspiracy is an offense one category lower than the underlying crime. For example, if the intended crime is a first-degree felony, such as dealing a large amount of opiates, then the conspiracy charge is a second-degree felony. A knowledgeable drug conspiracy attorney in Fort Worth could work to minimize the potential penalties whenever possible.

Let a Fort Worth Drug Conspiracy Attorney Fight for You

Drug conspiracy laws are complex and can result in serious consequences. You may not understand why you have been charged with a crime, or you may be wondering whether you should speak with prosecutors about a plea bargain.

Having legal counsel to assist you may make these charges less confusing and increase your chances of a positive outcome. A Fort Worth drug conspiracy lawyer could help you understand your case and fight to protect your rights. Call today for help from experienced legal counsel.

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