Difficulties and misunderstandings in relationships may end in allegations of domestic violence. Aggressive actions between people may result in criminal charges even if physical violence did not occur. If you find yourself facing charges of this nature, a Fort Worth domestic violence lawyer may be able to assist you.

The consequences of a criminal conviction related to domestic violence may be severe. These consequences are also not limited to high fines and lengthy prison sentences – a domestic violence conviction could result in losing the right to carry a firearm or place restrictive protective orders against you. If you find yourself facing charges of domestic violence, you may wish to consult a well-versed defense attorney to discuss your case.

Domestic Violence and Assault in Fort Worth

Since Fort Worth laws do not make domestic violence a separate criminal offense, domestic violence is typically applied when the parties involved in an offense are family or household members. Household members could include individuals who live together, share a child, and are or were in a dating relationship. It may also include close family members.

Assault allegations in Texas domestic violence cases are pursued in the same way as other assaults. The charge is defined by the Texas Penal Code § 22.01 as any threat of or actual injury to another person whether the act is intentional or not. Legally, the assault could also include knowingly or intentionally inflicting physical contact that would be reasonably offensive.

While assault is typically considered a Class A misdemeanor by Fort Worth courts, it may become a second or third-degree felony if aggravating factors are present. Aggravating factors may include prior domestic assault convictions or allegedly violent acts. A class A misdemeanor conviction could result in a fine of up to $4,000 and imprisonment for up to one year. For a third-degree felony conviction, the fines will typically not exceed $10,000. A potential prison sentence will typically range from two to ten years. That range could increase to a maximum of 20 years in prison in the case of a second-degree felony. A Fort Worth attorney could help a person learn which potential convictions they may face for domestic violence allegations.

Continuous Offenses Against the Family

The penal code of Texas further establishes the offense of continued violence against the family. Continued violence occurs when an individual commits an assault against a family or household member a minimum of twice during a 12-month period. Engaging in this conduct could result in a third-degree felony charge. An experienced lawyer could answer a person’s legal questions regarding the nature of their alleged offense.

Family violence is defined by the Texas Family Code §71.004 to include any act committed towards a family or household member that results in physical harm. This could include assault or sexual assault. Fort Worth may also include threats, child abuse, and dating violence within the definition of family violence. A person accused of multiple domestic violence offenses is recommended to reach out to a Fort Worth attorney for help.

Seek Help From A Fort Worth Domestic Violence Attorney

The stakes could be high when you are facing allegations of domestic or family violence. You may risk losing your freedom, job, family, and even some of your rights if a convicted. Facing these penalties could be frightening and many people find consulting a Fort Worth domestic violence lawyer for advice beneficial.

A dedicated defense attorney with experience defending domestic violence may be able to answer any questions about the charges against you and advise on your legal options. Getting legal advice may be an important step toward resolving your situation. Reach out to a dedicated domestic violence attorney to learn more about your options and begin building a strong defense to protect yourself.

Fort Worth Domestic Violence Lawyer