Although traffic stops are common, many people have never been through the experience. Seeing police lights in your rearview mirror can be nervewracking, but if you remain calm, the traffic stop could go smoothly for you.

If you know what to expect at a Denton traffic stop, you will be more prepared if it happens to you. In the unfortunate event that you are pulled over and charged with a crime, call a dedicated traffic attorney to discuss your case and begin building a defense.

How to Pull Over Safely

When a driver hears sirens or sees patrol lights in their rearview mirror, they should slow down and pull over to the right shoulder as quickly and safely as they possibly are able.

If there is no shoulder for the driver to pull over, they should pull over as soon as they find a place that will not endanger them or anyone else. While they are looking for a safe place to pull over, the best thing for a driver to do is slow down and use the signal lights to indicate their intent to stop.

What to do After Pulling Over

After pulling over, operators may choose to turn the car off or keep it on. Their hands should be on the steering wheel when the officer approaches their vehicle. When the officer is approaching the car, they should roll down the window.

If a driver is pulled over by an unmarked vehicle and the officer is in plain clothes, the driver should ask for the officer’s name and badge number, request to see their badge, and ask to confirm what agency they are with.

What to Avoid

Drivers should avoid getting out of the car without being asked or opening their driver door. The most important thing to know is to not to fidget or make any kind of furtive movement that would make the officer nervous.

Answering an Officer’s Questions

In a Denton traffic stop, drivers could expect the officer to ask where they are coming from and where they are going. They will most likely let a person know the reason for the stop. If a driver is unsure why they were pulled over, they should ask the officer.

The officer might also ask for a copy of their driver’s license and proof of registration. The officer will usually take this information to the patrol vehicle to make sure everything is in order and that the driver has a valid license and other correct information.

Drivers do not have to answer the officer’s questions, but they could put themselves at risk of being arrested and charged with failure to identify. It is always better to be honest, possibly apologetic, and direct with the officer that pulled a person over. Drivers should be respectful and have a pleasant conversation with the officer who stops them.

Receiving a Ticket

When a person is given the ticket by an officer, they should look at the ticket at the stop to check whether or not the citation issued is a warning or a ticket. They should also verify that their personal information, like name and address, are correct on the ticket. For more information about what to expect at a Denton traffic stop and how a lawyer could help an individual who has received a ticket, reach out to a legal professional today.

Call to Learn More About What to Expect at a Denton Traffic Stop

Unfortunately, knowing what to expect at a Denton traffic stop is not always enough to avoid a ticket. In the event you are given a citation or charged with a crime, you should contact an experienced traffic lawyer to help you. An attorney could look at the details of your case to see if the officer made any errors during the traffic stop. Even if the officer followed procedure, an attorney may have ideas about how to build an effective defense strategy.