Speeding-related charges in Denton are some of the highest ticketed offenses in the area. After receiving a ticket, it is important that drivers need to show up for a speeding ticket in every case.

It is much better to address it head-on rather than ignore it and be given a failure to appear or additional citations and fines on top of the original speeding ticket. If you are going to challenge the ticket, you have to show up for court. By hiring an experienced lawyer, you do not have to show up in court alone. A Denton speeding ticket lawyer could help you avoid a conviction or get the fines reduced. Call today for a consultation.

Speeding Limits in Denton

In Denton, residential roads could be anywhere from 20 to 30 miles per hour. Like many other Texas cities, a lot of residential areas or where there are school zones, there might be specific speed limits during certain times of the day. Also, Denton is located along the I-35 corridor. The speed limit on the freeway is typically 60 miles per hour.

Common Locations People are Caught Speeding

A location where it is common to be caught speeding in Denton is on I-35. I-35 is an area where the speed limit is 70 miles per hour, but I-35 has been undergoing construction for several years, so the speed limit has been changed to 60 miles per hour. It is also likely to stay under construction for several more years.

Different Types of Speeding Offenses

Like many other Texas cities, Denton offers different types of speeding offenses. A speeding ticket can be given if someone is going over 10 percent of the posted speed limit. There are different subcategories for how many miles over the actual percentage of the speed limit a person is going. Therefore, if the speed limit is 60 miles per hour and a person is going 65 miles per hour, that is five over and therefore they would be considered going under 10 percent of the posted limit.

Denton takes construction areas and school zones seriously when enforcing traffic laws. If a person is going through a school zone in the morning when students are going to school or in the afternoon when students are being released, then it is not uncommon for penalties to double for speeding at that time.

Being Pulled Over for Going Five Miles Over Speed Limit

Drivers can be pulled over for going only five miles per hour, but it depends on what the speed limit is and how much over the speed limit a person is going. For lower speed limit areas like 20 or 25 miles per hour, going five over would go over 10 percent of the posted speed limit, which means the ticket is going to be more expensive.


A speeding ticket is a moving violation. With the driver responsibility program with the Texas Department of Public Safety, after a certain number of moving violations, a person’s points are assessed for convictions. After so many points, there may be assessed surcharges which are expensive, and if those go unpaid, their driver’s license may be suspended. A Denton speeding ticket lawyer could hep someone avoid the conviction.

Speeding tickets carry consequences for repeat offenders in the form of surcharges. A person can lose their driver’s license due to suspension. This can also affect their insurance rates.

Hiring an Attorney

For speeding tickets, drivers should expect that if they are a first time offender, they are able to hire an attorney who can represent them on their ticket. They may also be able to do a defensive driving course or enter into a deferred disposition agreement and pay a fine to resolve their speeding ticket.

Denton speeding ticket lawyers can help by guiding a person through the process, making sure they do not take a conviction on their record that they do not have to take. The attorney can assist in getting a person’s fines reduced. They could also help with getting a speeding ticket dismissed. Contact a lawyer today to get the proper counsel you need after a speeding ticket.

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