In Denton, reckless driving is considered operating a vehicle with willful or deliberate disregard for the safety of people or property. This could mean the person is driving too fast for conditions on the road or driving significantly over the speed limit or weaving into traffic, running red lights, et cetera.

If you have received a ticket for reckless driving, contact a Denton reckless driving lawyer to see what legal options you may have. A seasoned attorney could possibly get the ticket thrown out or have the penalties reduced for the accused offender.

Common Scenarios of Reckless Driving

A common situation of someone being charged with reckless driving is when they are driving too fast around construction. Other times someone can be ticketed for weaving in and out of traffic recklessly or not leaving enough space in between cars.

In Denton, many people receive a reckless driving offense for speeding on I-35, which is a major highway.


When the officer issues a citation, the citation will say if the person was ticketed for reckless driving or if it was just for speeding. After someone is charged with reckless driving, they should appear in court. This is important so that the person is able to protect their driver’s license and driving record.

Reckless driving is considered a misdemeanor and it can carry up to a $200 fine and up to 30 days in jail.

Paying Tickets Ahead of Time

Reckless driving tickets could be paid ahead of time if the person wants to avoid having to appear in court. Before deciding to pay the ticket ahead of schedule, the offender should obtain a Denton reckless driving lawyer. The attorney can determine whether or not it is a good idea to plead to that offense or if there are defenses or issues that can be worked out. This includes getting a fine reduction, or dismissal, or seeing if the issue is worth taking to trial.

Approaching Reckless Driving Tickets Seriously

Prosecutors and judges treat reckless driving cases just as seriously as they do any other kind of traffic infraction. Denton is a college town with many schools in the city. School zones have a reduced speed limit during certain hours for safety measures. There is also construction going on in the Denton area constantly.

Contacting an Attorney

The role of a Denton reckless driving lawyer is an important one. They help protect a person’s driving record. The attorney also can protect a person from paying excessive fines or possibly jail time.

It is important to work with a local attorney because the local attorneys in Denton are going to know the county where a person was pulled over. They will know the local prosecutor that is working on that case, as well as the local judge that the case will be heard in front of, and will have a good understanding of what the best case scenario is for someone in that court. Contact an attorney today to get started on your case.