Denton treats traffic offenses seriously. Local police take their roads and the safety of their community seriously, and they treat violations with that same level of seriousness. Police officers can issue tickets for out-of-state drivers in Denton if they are breaking the rules of the road.

If you are from out of state but received a traffic ticket in Denton, you may be unsure how to proceed. An experienced traffic lawyer could help you by giving advice or negotiating on your behalf. Call today to schedule a consultation.

What to do After Receiving a Ticket

If an out-of-state driver receives a ticket in Denton, the first thing they should do is retain an attorney familiar with the area and the traffic court system. An experienced local traffic lawyer could help an accused individual avoid a conviction on their record by advocating on their behalf and building a strong defense.

For example, the local traffic attorney could help out-of-state drivers who want to contest their tickets by sending a case for a jury trial or setting it for trial before a judge. An attorney could also work one-on-one with a prosecutor to get the best possible plea negotiation to avoid a conviction.

Paying a Denton Traffic Ticket

Information about paid and unpaid tickets for out-of-state drivers in Denton is sent to the address listed on the accused individual’s driver’s license or any other address or contact information that was provided by the driver at the time they were stopped. An out-of-state driver that does not pay off their citation tickets by the due date could potentially face a failure to appear charge in addition to their underlying original ticket case.

What if a Driver is Unaware of Denton Traffic Laws?

Being unaware of Denton traffic laws is not a defense in Denton. Ignorance of the law would not be a defense in Denton, but an attorney might be able to use that information as mitigation and use their lack of familiarity with the area to keep a conviction off of an individual’s record.

For example, if a driver did not know that going over 80 miles per hour is considered excessive speeding in Denton, the mistake of the law would not be a defense to their traffic ticket. If the accused individual hires an attorney, however, the lawyer could discuss this issue with the judge or prosecutor to potentially lessen the consequences of the ticket.

Important Information for Out-of-State Drivers

The most important thing that everyone should know about traffic tickets for out-of-state drivers in Denton is that it is critical to keep convictions off their record to avoid an accrual of points. The best way to keep that from happening is to retain an attorney who is familiar with the area and the traffic courts in that area, who could set it for trial, or who could work with a prosecutor to ensure an individual receives the best possible deal.

Local police can issue tickets for out-of-state drivers in Denton whenever they believe an individual violated the rules of the road. Unfortunately, this scenario can be confusing for someone who lives in another state and is unfamiliar with local regulations. If you received a ticket, contact an accomplished traffic lawyer as soon as possible.