Under Texas law, driving offenses in Denton can result in demerit points being added to an individual’s license. If a person accumulates these points, auto insurance companies may raise their rates as a result.

If you were charged with a driving-related defense, you should contact an experienced traffic attorney as soon as possible. An attorney understands the impact the Denton demerit point system can have on your life and a lawyer could work towards a favorable resolution to your case. Call today to schedule a consultation.

How the Demerit Point System Works in Denton

The points assigned to particular offenses in Denton are determined by the type of offense. For example, a moving violation, a non-moving violation, or a behavior which results in a collision could all result in different numbers of demerit points. Denton does not allow drivers to accumulate “good points” on their licenses like some jurisdictions. The State of Texas only has points in a demerit way.

Points are removed from an individual’s license in Denton at the three-year point from a conviction date for a traffic offense. An individual with demerit points can suffer the consequences of those points for a full three years after an incident.

Consequences of Demerit Points

The long-term impact of the Denton demerit point system is what it may do to a person’s driving record and their insurance premium rates. In Texas, insurers often have checkpoints as to what a person’s status is before setting premium rates. Their driving record may be affected three years following any conviction or traffic offenses.

License Suspension and Surcharges

When a driver accumulates too many points on their record, a surcharge or a license suspension could occur.

In Denton, a driver may accumulate up to four moving violations or more within 12 months before suspension occurs or seven moving violations or more within 24 months for a suspension to occur. For a surcharge to occur, a person has to have six points or more on their driving record.

Out-of-State Demerit Points

The Denton demerit point system includes points from infractions committed in other jurisdictions. Each state may have its own demerit point system, but a Texas conviction may affect one’s point accrual in their home state. An individual who has acquired a motion violation outside this jurisdiction should still seek the services of a dedicated attorney in Denton.

How an Attorney Could Help

Under any circumstance, it is always better for drivers charged with traffic offenses to go to a court hearing and retain an attorney to avoid getting any convictions on their record. The best way to avoid a conviction could be hiring a traffic lawyer who is familiar with the area and knowledgeable about traffic law cases.

Traffic attorneys could also help if demerit points jeopardize a person’s driving privileges by setting a traffic case for a jury trial, scheduling a trial before a judge, or working one-on-one to get the best possible deal to avoid a conviction.

Call to Learn More About the Denton Demerit Point System

If you face a ticket or charges as a result of a moving violation, non-moving violation, or a collision, you should reach out to an experienced traffic lawyer. An attorney could look at the facts of your case and advise you about the best course of action to avoid penalties under the Denton demerit point system. Also, they could work on your behalf to keep your record clean. Call today to schedule a consultation and begin building a defense.