As defined by Texas law, attempt to elude an officer occurs when a person operating a motor vehicle willfully fails or refuses to stop their vehicle, flees, or attempts to flee a pursuing police vehicle when the police vehicle has given a visual or audible signal to bring their vehicle to a stop. Attempts to elude law officers are taken very seriously, and judges and prosecutors could see it as lack of respect for law enforcement.

If you were accused of attempt to elude an officer in Denton, you should contact an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. This criminal charge could lead to serious consequences, but a Denton traffic lawyer may be able to help. An attorney could fight for reduced charges or even an acquittal. Call today to schedule a consultation.

Attempt to Elude Charges in Practice

In practice, attempt to elude charges occur once a person is stopped for something else initially. For example, a person could be stopped for speeding, a license plate issue, or a broken tail light. When the officer is attempting to stop them for that issue, they elude the police officer’s stop. The level of offense of an attempt to elude an officer in Denton is a Class B misdemeanor.

Common Scenarios in Denton

Attempt to elude an officer is not a common offense in Denton. It is more likely that someone would commit evading arrest or detention.

Some common scenarios that could result in an attempt to elude an officer charge stem from someone having a reason to be stopped. For example, an individual could initially be pulled over for speeding or running a stop sign or stoplight. When an officer puts their lights, utilizes their sirens, and the individual in the vehicle sees them but does not pull over, it would be eluding a police officer. 


It is not considered a criminal attempt to elude an officer if a person purposely exits the highway after seeing a police officer clock their speed. It is eluding a police officer if a person has been given a visual or audible signal to bring the vehicle to a stop, like the officer using their lights and sirens to pull them over.

Driving behavior could be misinterpreted as an attempt to elude an officer situation when drivers are waiting to find a safe space to pull over because it could be interpreted as though a person is not going stop, especially if they do not put their signal on to indicate that they are intending to pull over.

How a Denton Traffic Attorney Could Help

A Denton traffic lawyer could help people facing attempt to elude an officer charge by working one-on-one with the prosecutor to ensure the best possible plea negotiations. If that does not work, they could set a case for trial by jury or before a judge to make sure that the individual receives the best possible result for their case.

Attempt to elude an officer in Denton is a crime that prosecutors take seriously, but a skilled defense lawyer could help. Call today to discuss your case and begin building a defense.