In Texas, crimes related to prostitution are treated with great seriousness, and those who are ultimately found guilty can expect to face some rather unpleasant consequences. It is important to note that in a general sense, the crime of prostitution implies the performance of sexual acts in return for money or other consideration, but it is also possible for other individuals than the recipient of compensation to face criminal prosecution.

Charges of solicitation are routinely lodged against those who seek sexual services for hire, and they can bring onerous sanctions for convicted offenders. If you are facing allegations of this type of conduct and wish to secure a solid legal defense, a Denton solicitation lawyer can offer the guidance and strategies necessary to pursue the most positive outcome possible.

Prospective Penalties

Formally categorized as a Class B Misdemeanor offense, the crime of solicitation of another individual to commit prostitution can still yield substantial punishments which most defendants would prefer to avoid. Those found guilty of this offense may be subjected to incarceration of up to 180 days, probationary supervision or home confinement, community service requirements as well as fines reaching up to $2,000.

While not necessarily as onerous as the penalties imposed for felony offenses, the sanctions listed above can prove extremely damaging to an individual’s ability to maintain employment, earn a living, and support a family for a significant period of time. It is for this reason that an individual should contact an experienced Denton solicitation attorney as soon as possible.

On top of the official penalties for committing the crime of solicitation, offenders regularly face a series of unintended consequences which can prove equally, if not more devastating to their personal lives and future prospects. For instance, conviction on a prostitution-related charge can cause irreparable damage to marriages and family relationships, can wreak havoc on an individual’s reputation in the community, and can harm professional standing, licenses, and affiliations.

Taken together with the formal punishments meted out to those found guilty of solicitation, these ramifications serve to underscore the absolute necessity of a knowledgeable Denton solicitation lawyer in the face of such charges.

Potential Defense Options

Individuals alleged to have committed the offense of solicitation in Texas can take heart in the fact that, as provided by Texas Penal Code § 2.01, all elements of a crime must be established beyond a reasonable doubt, and as such, a conviction of solicitation cannot be obtained unless it is shown that the defendant knowingly solicited another individual for sexual acts, that money or other consideration was actually offered, and that the offense occurred in a public place.

As such, there are often a number of defense strategies an attorney can employ on a defendant’s behalf, increasing the likelihood that charges will be dropped, reduced, or if those outcomes appear impossible, that the eventual sanctions imposed will be mitigated to a significant degree.

Benefits of an Attorney

While it is certainly true that many lines of defense may well be available to an individual accused of solicitation in Texas, such tactics can best be formulated and put into action by a determined advocate who is well-versed in this particular area of the law. If you are in the position of facing allegations of this sort and are ready to assert your rights under the law, a Denton solicitation lawyer can provide just the assistance you need.