Being accused of sex crimes can be an incredibly stressful experience. Not only can sex crimes result in serious legal penalties, but they also can involve negative public perception and emotional difficulties. If you have been accused of sex crimes in Denton, you do not have to face these charges alone. A seasoned attorney who is familiar with defense strategies in Denton sex crimes cases could be your advocate. Consult with an experienced sex crimes defense attorney as soon as possible to begin work on your case.

How a Defense Attorney Approaches Sex Crimes Cases

First, an attorney will determine if the alleged crime is actually a sex crimes case. For instance, the prosecution may be falsely categorizing the allegations as sexual assault when they would be more appropriately categorized as assault. The attorney will also discuss the alleged incident with the defendant and determine the relationship between them and the alleged harmed individual. They will also work to determine where the defendant was when the alleged incident occurred to determine the extent to which they may have a credible alibi.

Following these preliminary determinations and conversations, a criminal defense attorney will begin to gather evidence and to build a case in favor of the defendant.

Building a Defense Strategy

To begin building defense strategies in Denton sex crimes cases, an attorney will examine all the available evidence. Such evidence includes that provided by the defendant, that collected by the investigating authorities, and that independently obtained. Through this examination, the attorney will determine what information aligns and what information is missing. From there, they will begin to build a defense based upon the evidence held by all parties.

A significant consideration during this process is how the defense’s case will appear at trial. A defense attorney does not want to present a case that simply argues that the other party is lying, as such accusations reflect poorly on the defense and may hinder its case. Instead, an experienced lawyer will build a case that is sympathetic to the alleged harmed person while concurrently attempting to establish the defendant’s innocence. The manner by which such a case is built is nuanced but ultimately reflects well on the defendant, working toward establishing innocence.

Importance of Hiring a Local Law Firm

Local attorneys have considerable experience dealing with a broad range of sex crimes cases, well-established relationships with independent investigators, and considerable knowledge of local prosecutors. Private law firms have considerable advantages over solo practitioners in terms of available resources. A private law firm has the resources of an entire firm at its disposal. Such resources include both time and money that can be directed toward a single case, increasing the likelihood of a positive outcome.

Work with a Denton Sex Crimes Attorney

The objective of a sex crimes lawyer is to not only establish someone’s innocence but also to make sure they feel comfortable and secure throughout the duration of the process. Every case is significant to the attorney because it is significant to the accused person.

If you face sex crimes accusations, you want someone by your side with experience building effective defense strategies in Denton sex crimes cases. A seasoned attorney could be straightforward and honest while working to ensure your rights, livelihood, and future are protected. Call today to schedule a case review.