When compared to jurisdictions elsewhere in the country, Texas is characterized by the ability of its citizens to own and carry firearms with a relatively low number of restrictions. Most individuals do so safely and responsibly. The liberties granted in the state are not unlimited, and there are several circumstances under which an individual may be charged with a gun-related offense. Times like these require swift defensive action and the assistance of an experienced gun defense attorney.

If you are facing a charge of this nature, a Denton gun lawyer is ready to provide the strong defense that the situation demands.

Restrictions on Gun Possession

Though the freedom to obtain and carry firearms in Texas is relatively expansive, there are indeed situations in which serious charges can arise and violations of gun laws will be suspected. Offenses of this nature are taken seriously by authorities across the state and the potential sanctions are severe. Commonly charged gun offenses articulated in Texas Penal Code Title 10, Chapter 46 include:

  • Carrying concealed weapons in certain public places and/or airports
  • Carrying concealed weapons while intoxicated
  • Illegal weapons sales
  • Unlawful brandishment or discharge of a weapon
  • Unlawfully carrying of a weapon
  • Violation of concealed handgun license rules
  • Possession of prohibited weapons such as machine guns, short-barrel firearms, firearm silencer, explosive weapons, armor-piercing ammunition and more
  • Making a firearm accessible to a child
  • Felon in possession of firearms

An experienced Denton gun attorney can best assist an individual in determining the exact restrictions faced in their particular gun charge.

Sanctions Facing Those Convicted

The punishments imposed on gun violators in Texas are stringent, and many involve mandatory minimum terms of incarceration. Individuals with prior felony convictions can expect more onerous penalties, pursuant to the state’s repeat offender provisions. The use of a gun in another offense can also be considered an aggravating factor capable of producing more serious sentences.

Because lives can be disrupted by lengthy jail terms, crushing financial fines, ancillary consequences that include job loss, license revocation, and social stigma, a skilled Denton gun defense attorney can be a defendant’s best ally in the fight for fair treatment before the law.

Defenses Available  

Though the prospect of a gun charge can be intimidating, it is critical that accused individuals waste no time in crafting an appropriate legal defense. There are judicially recognized justifications and defenses to certain types of gun charges which may often be brought to bear, including self-defense and protection of real property. However, to stand the best chance of defeating gun charges which can carry expensive fines and prison terms which can reach upwards to 10 years for certain felony offenses, it is crucial to work with a Denton gun crimes attorney as soon as possible once formal accusations are brought.

Benefits of an Attorney

The consequences of conviction on any type of gun charge in Denton can be disruptive and in some cases, they can haunt an individual for years. If you are facing accusations of gun law violations, the time to take action and protect your rights is now, with the help of an experienced Denton gun lawyer.