Building a defense for a Denton third-offense DWI works much the same way as for a first or a second DWI. A dedicated attorney needs to examine the facts surrounding the stop, arrest, chemical tests, and field sobriety tests. If they find any holes in the prosecution’s case, they may be able to use them to help the accused.

If you were accused of driving while intoxicated and you have prior convictions, do not hesitate to contact a seasoned criminal defense attorney. A local lawyer understands how these cases play out in court, and they could work towards a positive resolution on your behalf. Call today to discuss your case and begin crafting a defense.

Factors an Attorney Could Consider

In a third-offense DWI case, a lawyer will look at factors such as the reasons for the stop or the police officer interaction. They will look at any statements that the accused person makes, any admissions to drinking, and physical evidence such as beer cans or witnesses. Lawyers also want to look at the field sobriety tests and the qualifications of the officer in the case. The procedure and results of the chemical test are also important.

Unique Aspects of Third-Offense DWI Cases

Defending a third-offense DWI or a felony DWI is different from a first time because there is more liability. For a first-time offense, a lawyer may advise a client to plead guilty to a DWI and go on probation because they will not really risk anything in most courts by going to trial. In other words, even if the accused person loses at trial, they probably will not get anything worse than probation.

That is not true when one is looking at a felony DWI offense because the range of punishment is 2-10 years in the penitentiary. Because the penalties are so serious, there is a lot more potential liability in the case.

Due to a jurisdictional issue in Denton, a jury knows if the accused person has prior DWI convictions. This makes third-offense DWI cases especially difficult. A lawyer has to ask the right questions when picking a jury.

What to Look for in a Lawyer

A person who is facing third-offense DWI charges in Denton should look for a lawyer with local experience because they will have experience with the prosecutors and the courts. It is also important to seek out a lawyer with specific experience trying DWI cases. Often times, there are lawyers who are not well-equipped. They do not understand the signs, and they are not board-certified in criminal law. Someone accused of a third-offense DWI should seek out a board-certified lawyer who is trained in the science and understands breath and blood test cases.

Contact a Denton DWI Attorney

If you were accused of a third-time DWI, you should not risk handling this case alone. Local prosecutors and judges take these cases especially seriously, and they often work tirelessly to secure a conviction. A dedicated defense attorney understands the process of building a defense for a Denton third-offense DWI cases, and they could put their experience to work on your behalf.